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What Is A Lifestyle Blog? (15 Successful Examples)

Soft focus pictures, cute babies, and envious locations…welcome to the world of lifestyle blogging. So what is a lifestyle blog? Is it really just a blogging version of an Instagram feed?

Let’s dig into some winning examples and find out what it takes in 2022 to make it as a lifestyle blogger…

What is a lifestyle blog?
Cliched images do seem to work in the World of lifestyle blogging!

Definition Of A Lifestyle Blog

There’s no official definition of a lifestyle blog. It’s not surprising when blogging is such a new activity. It wasn’t until Blogger arrived in the late 1990s that blogging really became a thing.

Tweaking the blogging definition from the Collins Dictionary gives me this:

A lifestyle blog is a website where someone regularly records their thoughts or experiences or talks about aspects of their daily lives.

And that’s about as clear as mud!

If this was true you could write about anything and everything… and it would still be a lifestyle blog. It just has to relate in some way to the life you live.

So let’s bring the definition of lifestyle blogs into the current decade and provide some clearer guidance.

What Exactly Is A Lifestyle Blog?

In some ways, it’s easier to talk about what doesn’t count as a lifestyle blog.

A lifestyle blog isn’t a personal blog.

Once upon a time, it might have been okay just to blog about yourself, your personal life story, and what you got up to every day.

There was a period before 2010 when these types of blogs could be really successful, even if you had an ordinary life. Wife in the North is a good example.

The writer Judith O’Reilly started her blog in 2006. She does write extremely well, about her horror of suddenly finding herself living “Up North”.

It’s amusing, in a distorted and totally offensive to the locals kind of a way, but I doubt the same approach would work today. (Tip: If you’re going to dish your neighbors, make sure they can’t work out you’re writing about them).

Instead they’d be shots of cute kids running through fields of flowers, seascapes at sunset and lists of 10 things to do on a day out in Northumberland.

What exactly is a lifestyle blog?

Most personal blogs started in the last few years are hobby blogs, written mainly for enjoyment and have a small following. Few make the jump into income generation.

Those that do tend to focus on a niche.

Now don’t get me wrong. There’s still a place for personal blogs but they’ve changed. You can blog about how you overcame a difficulty or faced up to a challenge – excessive weight loss, mental health issues, walking to the North Pole… these are all popular topics that attract strong followings. Just don’t call them lifestyle blogs.

A lifestyle blog is reader focused.

It may seem that a lifestyle blog is about your life, but at best it’s about your interests, with personal views and thoughts sprinkled on top.

Little pieces and glimpses of your life scattered like hundreds and thousands adding color to information and activity posts.

Of course, there are exceptions. Some bloggers manage to pull off a heady mix of deeply personal posts alongside your must-do list for a trip to New Zealand. Yet it’s still a bit like reading about your friends through the peephole of a FaceBook feed.

It’s a bit like watching The Durrells. Beautiful sun-kissed scenes in Corfu where dramas are overcome by the loving and close family unit.

Just don’t Google the real characters in the story unless you’re ready to shatter the perfect picture.

Successful lifestyle blogs are inspirational. Reality is air-brushed out. Instead, you’re providing the information and tools to help your readers shoot for their dreams.

I don’t know if anyone still buys printed magazines but your lifestyle blog is the modern replacement. If Elle started out today it would be a lifestyle blog focused on fashion and beauty.

Lifestyle blogs are easy to read and full of images to attract attention. Your readers want to be that woman with the happy child standing in the field of flowers.

Lifestyle blog blend of content

Lifestyle blogs often start as niche blogs.

It’s a lot easier to grab attention in an over-crowded blogging world with a niche blog. Many lifestyle blogs will start out this way.

A blogger starts a fitness blog. When it starts to take off she adds a section about her latest travel adventures or her favorite weight loss tips.

It’s far better to write convincingly about two or three topics than fail to maintain a blog covering several interests.

As a rule, if you’re going to cover lots of different topics, you need to be posting frequently, several times a week. New posts to engage returning followers. Just like writing a magazine.

Your Lifestyle Blog Is Unique.

Your writing may not be heavily founded in reality, but it will reflect your story.

It would be hard to pull off a family-focused blog if you don’t have children or a blog about life as a 20-something party goer if you’re in your forties and living in the country.

The mix of topics will represent your interests but it’s best to stick to those topics with broad appeal – food, travel, fashion, home decor, beauty, fitness and family.

A Lifestyle Blogger Can Be Incognito.

This can be a little hard to pull off but it’s not impossible. There are quite a few bloggers who manage to stay anonymous.

It’s trickier once you’re earning income from your blog. You’d need to give your real name to sponsors, PayPal, affiliates, and anything with legal implications.

There’s also a requirement to disclose your company name and contact details on your blog. You can choose to hide your identity on your actual blog, but it just takes a quick check on Google to find the Company details along with the names of officers.

Instead of trying to be fully anonymous, it’s probably better to be open from the start about who you are. You can still choose to keep images and personal details you share to a minimum.

How Do Lifestyle Blogs Make Money?

Successful lifestyle bloggers normally build high-traffic blogs by writing about popular topics. They are often trend setters and influencers, engaging loyal followers across social media (Instagram, FaceBook, YouTube, Pinterest).

This makes a lifestyle blogger really attractive for advertising partnerships, sponsorship, and sponsored content.

Make Money With A Lifestyle Blog


This is probably the most obvious income source for a high-traffic lifestyle blog. The holy grail for new bloggers is MediaVine, an advertising network that pays out at a much higher rate than AdSense, but you do need to hit a threshold of 50,000 sessions/month before you can apply.

Sponsored Posts

This is a way of making money that’s ideal for lifestyle bloggers. As you start to build a following, you’ll often be approached by companies wanting you to promote their products.

It can be a really good way to build an income provided you approach it the right way. You don’t want your blog to become dominated by sponsored posts and it’s best to make sure you have editorial freedom. This way you can make sure your reviews are always believable.

Affiliate Products

There are so many opportunities to talk about products you love when you’re a lifestyle blogger. Make the most of it by promoting affiliate products.

Every time someone buys a product via a link from your site, you earn a commission. How good is that! The commission can vary from around 4% with Amazon to as much as 40% or more for some digital products.

Setting Up A Store

Once you have a following the possibilities are endless. Your lifestyle blog is a source of traffic to direct to your very own store. Beauty products, jewelry, clothing, home decor, or just mugs and t-shirts!

You can even combine your blog with a printable store, write a book or create a course. Launching your products will be so much easier with a strong audience.

Starting Your Lifestyle Blog

It’s easy enough to start your lifestyle blog and my start a blog guide will walk you through each step. Hit pause a minute before you make a commitment and give an honest answer to these questions:

  • Are you always “that person” snapping pics wherever you go and are they amazing?
  • Can you pull off the “beautiful person” image…even managing to look your best when you’ve got free range toddlers to control.
  • Are you and your family okay with having their day-to-day life exposed to the world (even if it is in a controlled way)?

You can choose to limit the information you share. Chasing Foxes does and I take the same low-key approach on my own lifestyle blog.

It’s okay to do this but if you’re going to do the whole family expose thing make sure you’ve checked in with everyone first. (Don’t forget those cute little kids who love posing for shots can turn into camera-shy teenagers).

When you start a lifestyle blog it doesn’t have to be about the life you have right now. It can be about your ideal life.

Writing your blog will be an inspiration for you as much as your readers. You’ll be building this “ideal life” through your blog.

Your Blogging Blend

The best way to come up with your blend is to start off by analyzing the blogs you admire and enjoy.

Step 1

Pick three to five blogs and note down their main topics and type of content. Come up with some adjectives to describe each blog.

Answer these questions:

  • Is there an overlap between the blogs you’ve chosen?
  • Which topics can you really relate to?
  • Do some descriptive adjectives appeal more than others?

Take your answers and use them to come up with two or three topics. You can always add more later as your blog fills with content.

Step 2

Decide the tone of your blog. Is it formal or friendly? Elite or recommending budget-friendly products?

Write one sentence describing your new blog.

Remember the tone must be something you can maintain. It’s easier if it truly reflects you.

Step 3

Picture how you want your blog to look in five years’ time. Build an image in your head of your fabulous lifestyle blog. It’s your unique work, your life – not a copy of your favorite blog.

Think about the posts you’ll be writing. Are these posts you can happily write for the next three to five years? Topics you love and obsess about.

If the answer is yes, you’re ready to start.

15 Successful Lifestyle Blogs

I’m sure you already have your own set of favorite lifestyle blogs, but here are some terrific examples you can check out to for inspiration.

What is a lifestyle blog?

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess by sisters Elsie & Emma writes mainly about craft, home decor, and recipes. The site is mainly how-to posts with a little style advice written around their family lives in the Midwest.

Cupcakes and cashmere

Cupcakes & Cashmere

Cupcakes & Cashmere by Emily Schumann has grown from a blog about fashion, food and beauty to a business empire with its own clothing store!

Love Taza

Love Taza

Love Taza, a blog by Naomi Davis covers family adventures, food and travel from their base in New York City.

A Cup Of Jo

A Cup Of Jo

A Cup Of Jo uses a very simple but effective layout. The author Joanna Goddard writes about style, food, travel, and relationships. The blog started as a side hustle and now employs a team of writers.

Successful lifestyle blogs?

Chasing Foxes

Chasing Foxes is a mixture of style, travel, and food with some life skill tips thrown in. The owners, Grace & Silos keep their full identity under wraps writing easy-to-read posts full of lifestyle tips and advice.

Happy Grey Lucky

Happy Grey Lucky

Happy Grey Lucky writes about home decor, motherhood, and lifestyle tips from author Sina’s base in Toronto.

Aww Sam

Aww Sam

Aww Sam is an upbeat blog about baked goods and crafts. The author Sam Ushiro is an industrial designer, stylist, and donut lover!

Bright Bazaar

Bright Bazaar

Bright Bazaar by Will is mainly about home decor, style, and travel. His refreshing approach to color is guaranteed to bring a smile to your day.

What is a lifestyle blog?

Camille Styles

Camille Styles has evolved into a comprehensive lifestyle blog with a team of writers. Topics include food, style, and travel.

Top lifestyle blogs.


Quintessence exposes the discerning taste of author Stacy Bewkes. The strongest categories are architecture and interior design.

Inspiring lifestyle blogs.

Barefoot Blonde

Barefoot Blond by Amber Fillerup writes mainly about haircare mixed in with posts of motherhood, fashion, and travel.

Inspirational lifestyle blogs.

Happy Fit Mama

Happy Fit Mamma is a blog about fitness and food. Angela Bekkala is a running coach posting wonderful recipes and ideas for fitness workouts.

Top lifestyle blogs

Wit & Delight

Wit & Delight was started by Kate Arends and has evolved into a blog with 3 million+ followers covering just about everything lifestyle-related.

Successful lifestyle blogs

Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella is a wonderful example of how a personal blog can evolve into something much much more.

Best lifestyle blogs.

Love Life Be Fit

Love Life Be Fit by yours truly. Yes I know it’s a little cheeky adding my own blog to this list. I’m not even sure if it’s strictly a lifestyle blog but it relates to my lifestyle and interests of fitness, healthy eating and outdoor adventure.

Conclusion – What Is A Lifestyle Blog?

Lifestyle blogs tend to be a reflection of both the writer and the followers’ aspirations. It’s presenting the best take on your life to inspire your readers.

These types of blogs are image-rich with easy-to-read posts.

The style of blog can vary greatly – some are focused purely on the author’s day-to-day life, others on how-to articles and information posts.

Often followers will influence the mix of topics as authors respond to popular posts with similar content.

Authors can choose to share personal details or keep incognito.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lifestyle blog?

A lifestyle blog is a type of website where a blogger regularly records their thoughts or experiences or talks about aspects of their daily lives. Lifestyle blogs are normally image-rich with easy-to-read posts.

What does it mean to be a lifestyle blogger?

Being a lifestyle blogger means you’re creating content inspired by your day-to-day experiences or interests.

Can you be an influencer without a blog?

It’s definitely possible to be an influencer without a blog. It’s possible to gain a following and make a living through social media platforms such as Instagram or YouTube. Having a blog creates an extra income stream and it can be more effective promoting products on a blog rather than on social media.

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  1. I got more inspiration and ideas from this post. I learnt everything related to lifestyle blogging. It was great

    • Hi Faith, I would say it’s a specific type of lifestyle blog – some people would refer to this type of blog as a faith blog. I shouldn’t get too hung up on definitions. As long as you’re providing useful or inspiring information people want to read you will build an audience. Faith blogs tend to get off to a strong start because they can tap into a supportive community from Day 1.

  2. Thank you for this most helpful post.
    I am an Interior Designer and I started an Interior Design blog about a year ago.
    But, now I am feeling as though I would like to blog about more than just design tips, advice, etc. I do these things all day long and would like to diversify somewhat more on my blog.
    I am thinking I might like to add some posts on travel, clothes, perfume, recipes… whatever!
    Do you think I should come up with some sort of new domain name to incorporate all of this? I feel like these things really have no place on my design blog.
    I tried to get Home Decor and More.. but that is already taken. Anyone have any great suggestions as to a name for my home decor, lifestyle, etc. type blog?

    • Hi Sherryl, Rather than diversify your home decor blog I would take a hard look at why it’s not working. (I assume it’s not working otherwise you wouldn’t be tempted to diversify). You have 12 months history blogging about home decor and as far as ranking on Google goes it’s better to make use of what you already have.
      Take a look at your site on Google Search Console and find the posts that are ranking and the search queries that are pulling in clicks. See if you can improve your posts for these search queries.
      Make sure you’re targeting keywords you have a chance of ranking for – really easy keyword difficulty – and write posts for user intent. Think about what people are looking for when they search for a keyword and give them the answers they need.
      There’s so much scope with a home decor blog without diversifying to other unrelated topics. Diversifying will only work if you’re posting very frequently and heavily targeting social media such as IG.
      If you do decide to move your blog to a new domain make sure you redirect all your posts or at least the ones that are currently getting traffic. You may need some pro help to do this. I’m not going to post any name suggestions as any good ones would just be snapped up but play around with using your name.

  3. Hi Alison. I love this article! Actually saved to my Google Keep notes. I have an idea for a blog and have a name picked out. When I checked the domain name checker (I don’t remember the link I used) it popped up with extra info about how I had a high ranking keyword in my domain name worth X amount of dollars. I’ve tried googling the significance of this keyword in my blog title but get SEO articles for individual posts. Do you know if there’s a place i can go to find info about this or topics relaed to it?

    • Hi Beth, the value of a domain name is down to how much people are willing to pay for it. It used to be the case that if you had a significant keyword in your domain name you had more chance of ranking for this keyword. These days, Google’s algorithm is a lot more sophisticated. I’ve even been told that having a keyword you want to rank for in your domain name makes it almost impossible to rank. I have seen some new blogs that seem to contradict this theory, but there’s no concrete information and no-one knows the true workings of the Google algorithm. Domain names will have value because they’re easy names to remember for customer-facing organizations or because the domain has a history – previous use with backlinks to the domain which can help with ranking. Probably the easiest way to get an idea of domain history is to type it into Google and see what comes up.
      As a new blogger, I strongly advise you to avoid paying for premium domains. With a bit of thought, it’s always possible to come up with a unique domain name. For example, to come up with simplyhatch, I just tried out different adjectives with terms related to the purpose of my blog and finally found one that was available.

    • You’re very welcome Pree. Enjoy starting your blog. Be proud of every bit of progress you make. Be inspired by others but don’t compare your new blog with established blogs. Instead, take small steps and celebrate every small win.

  4. Thank you for the information you shared. I am a retired teacher and find the technology piece quite challenging. I was trying to decide on a personal or lifestyle blog. This was very helpful . Jackie

    • Hi Jacqueline, I think it’s important to realize you don’t have to be an expert at everything blogging-related from the word go. The techy side you can learn gradually. It’s important to decide if you want to make money from your blog and write with your intentions in mind. With a lifestyle blog, your posts all have a purpose – to attract visitors and/or make money. With a personal blog, you’re writing purely for your own enjoyment.

  5. Hi thank you for this.. I seem to know a lot more about lifestyle blogs now. I have a blog but now I am thinking to shift to a lifestyle blog. I’m excited just thinking about it.

    • Thank you for your comment Vishaka. Just remember that the success of your blog is all about targeting your audience. So think about who is your audience, what are they searching for online and provide whatever they’re looking for.

  6. I am an ex alcoholic at 44 …. Male.
    Lots to offer on how I gave up the drink…. do you think this might be a good blogging platform? I would also like to share my recipes, my reviews on films etc.
    Great blog btw so thank you.

    • Hi Jay, first of all, congratulations on turning your life around. I have a lot of respect for people who take action.
      You have a great back story. I think your idea to use it for a more general blog about recipes etc is a good one. Do your keyword research for posts. This is essential. For drink-related issues look at the domain authority of the competition for posts you want to rank. Some of the typical keywords look tough – low volume and high DA of ranked sites. (Check Ubersuggest dashboard).
      I suspect you’ll have greater success with healthy living topics.
      Also, think about how your blog will make money. From experience, it’s easier for most new bloggers to start with targeting Ad income and Amazon Associates. Other methods take a bit experience. Just remember that if you go down the Ad income and Amazon route you need high traffic volume. It’s all about keywords with some promoting on one (two max) social media channels.

  7. Thank for the info. I’m still new and I run a lifestyle blog and there are some tips here that I should be doing. Thanks for the list of blogs that I can get info from.

  8. Allison, the most important thing you wrote in this post was saying that a lifestyle blog could be about your ideal lifestyle, not necessarily the life you have now. We have old carpet, are still launching our last kid out of the house, and will be going through some late stage empty nest transition. In other words, I don’t love taking pictures of my living room right now LOL. Obviously it can be a little trickier when you don’t have real life examples in some cases, but you’re right. It’s about inspiration, too. I’ve felt myself getting stuck in a comparison game at times, seeing bloggers around my age already doing the travel and having the styled home like I’d want, but that’s not me. Maybe it won’t ever be me, but being genuine about my interest and inspiration can be helpful for others as well.

    That helps me feel better about some of the ideas I’d put forward. It’s not about perfection or already achieving it. You can have success going through the process! Thank you and I’m so glad I came across your blog.

    • Hi Erika, Thanks for your kind words! If you look at a blog such as Chasing Foxes you’ll find it’s a lifestyle blog that rarely has any personal information. They kept their identity secret for years. The owners had practically no money when Grace started the blog. Interestingly just about all their traffic still comes from Pinterest. Their traffic from Google is tiny.

  9. Thanks for the article. In several places you mention referencing Google. However, you don’t mention what/where in Google to look up.

    Do you provide all the Google details anywhere or can you mention them here? Google has so many options I’m not sure where to start looking.


    • The references to Google are not important in this post. You can use Google to search for information in any form – I normally work on a desktop and use Google Chrome as my browser but I find the same information on an iPhone using Safari. I’ve provided links to examples of lifestyle blogs.


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