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115 Trending Blog Topics & Ideas For 2021

It’s the jackpot of the blogging world. Find trending blog topics and ride the wave of popularity. Is it down to luck or is there a sure-fire way of spotting trends?

Read on for a list of 115 trending blog topics updated for 2021. Use the list right now for your blog topics and posts. This list is current at the time of writing and based on Pinterest Predicts 2021 – a go-to set of trends for any on-the-pulse blogger.

Trends come and go, and to stay on track it will be important to seek out hot new topics as the year progresses. I’ve added some suggested sources – you can use these for your own research to be one of the first to spot the latest trends for 2021…

All these blog topic ideas are based on sound money-making niches such as home decor or health and fitness. Niches that pander to our aspirations. You can find a more detailed list of the types of blogs that make money in my Ultimate Start A Blog Guide.

In the blogging world, not all niches are equal and some are easier to monetize, but the basic principle is to write about popular topics.

Find a trending subject, promote for free on Pinterest, learn some SEO and you’re on your way to making your first blogging income…

The world is in a very strange place at the moment and although we all hope things will get better for 2021, we’re looking at a new normality.

That doesn’t mean you can’t start a blog or continue to write for an existing blog. It’s a great time to be blogging! People are spending a lot more time online and this will continue into 2021. We all need blogs right now and new material to keep us occupied!

Trending blog topics tend to be the new ideas that come almost out of nowhere. Pinterest Predicts helps spot these new trends but doesn’t highlight the existing big topics, for example, bread making is always popular but just isn’t trending.

Here are a few main topics that were big in 2020 and will continue to be important for 2021…

Health and fitness.

My lifestyle blog traffic grew phenomenally in 2020 reflecting everyone’s sudden interest in being fitter and healthier. I write about running, walking and healthy living. All of these are popular topics and I expect the interest in healthy living will continue.

The current pandemic is a big wake-up call to improve your fitness, quit smoking, and lead a healthier lifestyle. These are always popular topics and I expect they will continue to be big in 2021.

Work from home

Work from home was a massive trending topic in 2020 – no prizes for guessing this one. You can see the big jump in Pinterest trends.

Pinterest trends

The emphasis changed for this “work from home” keyword. Instead for ways to make money from home, people wanted to know how to set up their home office. How to fix up standing desks and connect up to Zoom meetings.

I expect this “work from home” trend will continue into 2021 but we’ll be back to it’s original meaning – how to make money from home. It’s hard to have to say it but job losses and financial uncertainly will leave people looking for side hustles and start up business ideas.


In a crisis, after stock piling toilet paper, the world’s focus turned to food. Home cooking continues to be huge right now out of necessity.

Food will always be a big topic. If you can come up with on trend recipes and take great pictures, you have a winning format for a food blog.

In the UK, baking has been big ever since the great British Bake Off launched and people are currently turning to cakes and treats to cheer themselves up.

Travel blogs

Whenever a big catastrophic event happens there are winners and losers. Travel blogs completely died in early 2020 but some savvy bloggers managed to make a comeback by blogging about travel at home.

It will take time before international travel becomes accessible again. Meanwhile travel bloggers can still do well with posts about day trips, staycations and exploring local outdoor places.

Home schooling

Home schooling is here to stay. Some parents continue to home schooling out of necessity but there’s every chance some parents will enjoy the experience and continue home schooling as life returns to a new normal.

I expect it will continue to be a growth area for the next few years especially for young children. (You’d have to be really committed to home school teenagers).

DIY and crafts

Lots of people at home with time on their hands equalled a big boom in DIY and crafts in 2020. There’s no sign of this trend letting up for 2021. I wonder how many people are painting their houses right now!

I suspect we will all be watching our budgets this year and any money saving craft or DIY ideas will be welcome!

Diet blogs

Love them or hate them, I sure 2021 will be a good year for diet blogs. Not everyone spent their time in lockdown on a health and fitness trend and there’s a lot of chatter about losing lockdown weight gain.

Diet blogs may have been a little quiet through 2020 but I’m sure for 2021 they will be back in vogue again.


Gardening is consistently popular but in 2020 it surpassed all expectations. People who previous had zero interest in gardening were using their spare time to grow stuff.

It’s a great time to start a gardening blog.


A little too obvious adding this one? Top of the agenda for 2020 and likely to continue as a hot topic for 2021.


At the moment, as beauty salons close, open and close again, beauty hacks at home continue to be popular. Top of the list are budget hacks as we all look for ways to stay beautiful on a diminishing budget.

Personal finance

Just like work from home, personal finance blogs will be popular in 2021. I hate to be pessimistic but the financial outlook is gloomy. People want budgeting tips and hacks to make their money go further.

Focus on realistic ideas that are helpful to your audience. Save them money and they’ll be back for more.

115 trending blog topics

In many ways there are a lot of similarities between this new list for 2021 and the list I put together for 2020. Then we were yearning for de-stressing and adding meaning to our modern lives. Trends for a simpler life.

Back in late December 2019 I wrote “looking at trends around the home there’s a good chance some of us will never leave the house in 2020. Garden rooms, home theatres and working from home are all strong trends”. Did Pinterest know something we didn’t!

Focus on the home continues strongly for 2021 – this time out of necessity. I suspect these trends may get a shake up during the year as the world starts to (hopefully) open up again. Keep an eye out for updated ideas with Pinterest trends.

  1. Tips for making the most of your car date night.
  2. Design the ultimate car man cave – booming speakers essential!
  3. Your guide to the best drive-in cinemas
  4. Furry dog car seats your pooch will love!
  5. Be prepared for anything with a car survival kit.
  6. Try stargazing for a romantic first date.
  7. The ultimate RV accessory list.
  8. Where to go and what to see on a National Park road trip.
  9. Nomadding is the new jet setting – it’s time to explore the outback!
  10. Barefoot and free in a field of wildflowers.
  11. Escape from it all – to a cabin in the woods.
  12. Remote working from an RV in the great outdoors.
  13. Hit the open road – planning a motorbike trip? You need a tent!
  14. Preparation time – planning and saving for your dream getaway!
  15. The ultimate romantic honeymoon.
  16. Plan your escape to a forest resort.
  17. Visualize your way through 2021 and become your best self.
  18. What are protection crystals and do they really work?
  19. How to use fantasy map making to improve your well being.
  20. Learn everything you need to know about manifestation techniques.
  21. How checking your horoscope can guide you through the ups and downs of everyday life.
  22. How to create a spa day at home.
  23. Your guide to a full moon bathing ritual.
  24. The best options for a deep soaking tub.
  25. A freestanding bathtub – the ultimate bedroom luxury.
  26. DIY bath tea recipes for soaking bliss.
  27. Sleep care is the new self-care.
  28. Night affirmations for a restful, self-improving sleep.
  29. The best sleep blends for your diffuser.
  30. Unwinding workouts to help you sleep at night.
  31. Invest in rest with your night-time sleep yoga ritual.
  32. Get restful with luxurious silk PJs.
  33. Spice up your recipes – some like it hot!
  34. The best tomatillo enchilada sauce.
  35. Favorite Cajun chicken pasta recipes.
  36. Are you ready for jalapeno pepper jelly – yes it’s a thing!
  37. Learn how to make hot honey sauce.
  38. Unmissable recipes for poke bowl sauce!
  39. Your guide to charcuterie creativity!
  40. The best breakfast charcuterie boards.
  41. Top ten ideas for candy charcuterie boards.
  42. Impress with these desert charcuterie ideas.
  43. Fruit charcuterie boards – a healthy dessert option your family will love!
  44. Try your hand at Mexican charcuterie board.
  45. How to up your cooking skills and create a restaurant experience at home!
  46. Make it a special meal with these simple ideas for food garnishes.
  47. Up your game with gourmet food plating.
  48. A winning recipe for Basque burnt cheesecake.
  49. Delicious homemade tea recipes.
  50. Discover the art of bread making.
  51. Boost your mood with bright color-drenched lighting!
  52. How to create the neon room look.
  53. Top 10 options for LED-lit mirrors.
  54. Add a blue hue to your bedroom with LED lights.
  55. Jazz up your bedroom space with some LED light signs.
  56. What is Japandi aesthetic? And why you need it in your life right now!
  57. Top picks for wooden bed designs.
  58. Your guide to a neutral earth tone color palette.
  59. How to create your minimalist bathroom.
  60. DIY your way to a modern minimalist kitchen.
  61. How to create an eye-catching shelving display.
  62. Decorate your home with colored glassware.
  63. Fall in love with these reassuring clay plates.
  64. DIY floating shelves for your kitchen – it’s easier than it looks.
  65. Create space with these must-have plate racks.
  66. Your guide to creating personal space in the home.
  67. Top ideas for a bookshelf room divider.
  68. Turn a small space into your personal gaming room.
  69. Get crafty with these bottle painting ideas.
  70. Crochet and embroidery 101 – learn the basics.
  71. Top designs for glass etching.
  72. Tips for choosing your leatherworking tools.
  73. Express yourself with your digital décor.
  74. Top ideas for tour laptop wallpaper.
  75. Get started with Persian calligraphy art.
  76. Favorite Irish quilt patterns.
  77. Kickstart 2021 by learning a new skill.
  78. Your guide to sublimation for beginners.
  79. How to skateboard for beginners.
  80. Your guide to rocking the Athflow look (where athleisure meets elegance)
  81. On-trend home dress for women.
  82. Soft outfits for working from home.
  83. Cozy comfort with these quilted fashion looks.
  84. Top 10 picks for the best cocoon sweater.
  85. Comfy feet with these favorite fluffy slippers.
  86. The ultimate guide to personalizing your clothing.
  87. Try out these jean painting ideas for your own unique look.
  88. Get started with sweatshirt embroidery.
  89. DIY your tote bag design.
  90. Effortless chic – let your natural skin texture shine.
  91. How to get naturally glowing skin.
  92. Try this at home – face yoga exercises.
  93. Your guide to natural everyday makeup.
  94. Indie nail inspiration – get creative!
  95. Loving my smiley face nails – nail art gone wild!
  96. Hop on the butterfly eye makeup trend.
  97. Creative braiding techniques you’re gonna love!
  98. How to create braids with fade.
  99. OMG – amazing brows for 2021! Are you ready for rainbow eyebrows?
  100. Follow this guide to eyebrow bleaching for perfect results.
  101. Easy maintenance pets how about a pet frog!
  102. Believe it or not, snails make perfect pets!
  103. Creating art from everyday objects.
  104. 10 ways a cardboard box can be the best ever toy!
  105. Introducing children to mindfulness.
  106. Top mindfulness activities for children.
  107. Favorite stories with moral lessons.
  108. How to make your backyard wedding memorable.
  109. Simple ideas for a one-tier wedding cake.
  110. Ideas for a movie date night at home.
  111. Tips for writing a monthsary message to your girlfriend.
  112. Find your small business idea.
  113. How to brand your business on a tiny budget.
  114. Accounting basics for the work from home entrepreneur.
  115. How to stay motivated as a brand new entrepreneur.

So there you have it! 115 blog ideas to help you answer what to blog about! Some of these ideas can be blog posts to write straightaway or topics you can use for your blogging niche.

It’s far easier to capture an audience with a clearly defined niche. Just because it’s a niche doesn’t mean it can’t have a huge audience. Just think, a niche such as home-made bread, gets 1 million+ searches on Pinterest a year!

Successful Niche Blogs

The site Reptile Centre has been going since 1995, so the reptile trend is certainly not a new concept. Being on-trend just means the site can expect a really good year in 2021.

Some of the ideas on this list are more niche than others. The trend for minimalism comes and goes and has been around for years. A specific personalising your clothing blog is certainly more risky. It’s better to start a niche blog about indie fashion and write a few posts about personalising your clothing in with your other fashion material.

Think about yourself as the reader. Is this a topic that could become a major interest or hobby, such as outdoor exploration? Or is it more of a one-off – something like creating art from everyday objects?

By all means, hop on a trend but for real success make sure there’s sufficient long-term interest for when the trend starts to fade.

It’s a gamble. If you rush out and start a blog about quilted fashion looks tomorrow, the trend may have passed by the time your blog is established. Real trendsetters will be writing about topics months before they hit the Pinterest Trending list.

Here are a few alternative sources if you’re serious about being on trend:

Checking out the daily search patterns is just a bit overwhelming. Google’s Year In Search is more enlightening. You can also search in trends for your chosen niche. There’s no prizes for guessing “how to cut men’s hair at home” is the top beauty how-to for 2020.


Want to know what questions people are asking? Quora is a good place to look. Search for a topic and a list of questions will appear. Pick out the recent results a high number of answers.


Exploring sub-reddits is a great way to find the trending issues people care about in your chosen niche. It’s an excellent market research tool. Used with discretion, you can get direct feedback on ideas for your niche.

Answer The Public

Want to know the questions people are asking right now? Answer The Public is a free resource providing the questions people are currently asking for any keyword.

Pick a question and turn it into a blog topic for amazing results. It’s worked for me and I’m sure it can work for you too!


Just type your topic into Google directly. Scroll down and find the People Also Ask box. Just like Answer The Public, these are questions people are searching for right now.

Google may be a little slower to respond and update than Pinterest and other social media channels, but it’s still an excellent source of information for your next blog post.

Every month Pinterest comes up with some ideas for trending topics. These results are often bang up-to-date although expect fast-changing trends in these uncertain times.

Conclusion – Picked Your Blog Topic? What Comes Next…

Don’t take too long choosing a topic. The best bit about blogging is it’s okay to fail. The worse thing you can do is never start.

Pick a blog topic and follow my Ultimate Start A Blog Guide to make a success of 2021.

Ready to go?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular blog topics?

Popular blog topics include personal finance and making money, health & fitness, diet & nutrition, food & healthy eating, DIY & crafting, home décor, beauty & fashion, lifestyle, personal development and parenting. Successful, money making blogs fulfil a need, providing solutions and advice for the topics people search for on Google.

What blogs are trending?

Keep up-to-date with blogging trends using the Pinterest Monthly trending reports and Google trends, checking the questions people are asking on Quora and reddit or searching Answer the Public. The other huge source is questions suggested on Google.

20 thoughts on “115 Trending Blog Topics & Ideas For 2021”

  1. Hi Alison I am one of your ‘followers’ insofar as I signed up for your course etc.
    I previously told you of my helping a neighbour/friend to prepare and present his ebook biography of his struggle with M.E. and how he (imagines) he has beaten it. I say imagines as he has spent the past three months casually spending no more than an hour and a half at a time wrangling his manuscript into a workable ebook. Excitingly this week-end we cracked it after I had encouraged him to have a ‘professional’ carry out the final formatting. He had been very pedantic in the detail and demanding of alteration etc. All this has fuelled my own drive to succeed and progress with publishing some of my own material. I write, of rescue, revenge, history, erotica, FMG (I have total empathy in the drive to eradicate the mindset with this topic), Slavery/Emancipation of slave written in a journey to rescue a relative during the ACW. So I am stoked up once more. I now know the logistic of getting ‘out there’ and thank you for being part of that process. Do keep up your great work and inspire many. Thank you.

    • Thank for your kind words Alex! It must be exciting to see the eBook finally published and I’m sure the book will be a welcome read for other sufferers. I can tell you’re bursting to write your own content – go for it! Start and see where the blogging journey takes you!

    • Hi Donna
      Affiliate marketing works when you add a custom link to your site recommending a product. When a visitor clicks on the link to the view the product, this click is recorded against your account. If the visitor goes on to make a purchase you receive a commission on the sale. It can be hit and miss. For example there can be a time limit on the link and if the customer clicks on your link on their mobile and then makes the purchase on a different device – for example their desktop, you miss out on the commission.

        • Hi Shariq. These ideas mainly come from Pinterest predictions. Pinterest tends to be more responsive to tends than Google and as it works as a search engine is able to analyze data from searches. Pinterest also makes monthly predictions.

  2. Anything to do with food and dieting still seems to be huge. The incredible launch of Pinch of Nom this year seems to represent a big section of the Pinterest community. I’m still seeing a lot of references to Keto but I’m wondering if this has peaked considering Pinch of Nom is more on the lines of weight watchers. Pinterest release a monthly trends report – Google for the latest. Temporary tattoos seems to be a big summer trend. Knitting still seems to be strong. Yoga and mindfulness are still big. The staples of relationships, personal finance, anything home related or parenting continue to do well.

  3. Great Tips! Really helpful and contains lots of detailed info about starting a blog. Actually these are some common very very important steps to start a blog or a website, First few steps are very important, without these steps no one could be able to start a proper blog. Thank you for sharing this great post. All the information is totally amazing. Keep Posting.

    • Thank you Zune. A lot of people underestimate how important it is to write for your audience and about topics they want to read – not topics you want to write about. Grow an audience first – then you can have more flexibility about the topics you cover.

  4. Hey! hope you are safe and secure wherever in the world you are. whats your nation? i am a teenager and i am an indian, and in india full country is in lockdown due to the terror of the corona virus. i read Rich Dad Poor Dad a week ago. and now i am very dedicated and enthusiastic about making money properly. i found out some passive income sources in which i found about blogging. i am not able to decide which topic i should pick up. i read your 115 topics but is still not clear. your topics were no doubt incredible! i had this in mind that i write about, and for teenagers. will this idea workout? you are experienced in this field, so no one would be better than you in answering this question. honestly i’ve read your qualifications and experience, and from that i’ve learned that you are efficient enough for the above question. please reply and take care!!!!

    • Hi Rohan, thank you for commenting! I’m in the UK near the Scottish border. We’re in lockdown but I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by countryside and still be able to get out for walks. Focusing your blog on a teenage audience is a great idea. Suggest you get more specific and think about what type of teenage blog you want it to be. Fashion, music, films, making money – the more specific the better. You have a huge audience in India so I suggest you stick to what you know and target your home audience. Use an IN domain. There are also affiliate programs specific to India – just search for them and find products that will appeal to teenagers – and make sure they’re affordable for a teenage budget.

  5. Hi ma’am, chirag this side. is it necessary to pick a niche upon which we want to write.
    I want to start writing with every trending topics.
    Please suggest

    • Hi Chirag
      Unless you have a big budget and an army of writers at your disposal you really need to pick a niche or pick a target audience. For example you can write about 2 or 3 different topics if they are likely to appeal to your target reader. If you write about all trending topics you’ll find it very hard to get readers returning to your site. Take a look at this post to get a better idea

  6. Hi Alison,

    After reading your post, I cannot say I have writer’s block!! Wow, that’s a comprehensive list of topics. I’m going to bookmark this post to come back to it often. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be sharing it with my blogger’s community.

  7. Hi Alison,

    Hope you are safe and well.
    I really enjoyed reading your post, refreshing and inspiring.
    I am a full time working mother of three children and with the current lock down situation have just decided to start a blog, and have chosen 2 topics( Food, personal Finance). Now my questions are: about food, 1/ is not best to make videos? or can include videos in my blog? 2/can i start with just a good camera phone, or do i need professional pictures?3/ can i include personal finance as a side topic, or alternate between both?

    many thanks in advance for your help.

    • Hi Nadege. Terrific to hear that you’re starting a blog. It sounds like you’re a very busy woman so I suggest you focus on a blog rather than a YouTube channel. Of course you can include videos on your blog and host them on YouTube. It’s not essential but it’s a great way to get your posts ranked on Google. (Google owns and loves YouTube).
      The advantage of a blog is it’s less demanding – you can take time off when life gets busy and not lose out on traffic.
      Take a look at Gathering Dreams as an example of someone who’s pulled off combining food and finances (and travel) in a blog. It’s certainly possible. The owner launched in the heyday of Pinterest (before it changed it’s algorithm) which certainly helped her blog grow quickly. It’s harder now but if you follow my tips on keywords and SEO you can still do well. I still recommend using Pinterest as your social media channel for this type of blog.
      Good lighting is the key to good pictures. You can buy lighting set ups quite cheaply (try Amazon). You may find your phone takes adequate pictures. Otherwise invest in a reasonable digital camera. If you can take your own original pictures it’s the best way to go. Pinterest loves original photos.
      Hope this helps. Alison

  8. Good Job Alison. I have looked at the suggestions and I am thinking to writting on Food blogs, I have started with lose weight, but are there anything special that I need to include while writting?

    • Hi Mark your best bet is to search for the questions people ask and write posts answering those questions. You can find questions on Answer The Public, Quora or just by typing topics into Google. Use or similar to get a rough idea of how hard it is to rank for the keywords (3 to 5 word phrase) and go for really easy keywords starting out. I suggest an SD (SEO difficulty) of less than 10 on ubersuggest. Also check to see if other new blogs have managed to rank of the keywords you’re targeting – it makes it more achievable. Learn some SEO basics. Yoast is a reasonable place to start and most people use their free plugin. (You don’t need the paid version). Just remember people are mainly interested in themselves and their own problems so your blog needs to provide the answers and inspiration they are actively searching for. You wont be successful with all posts. Your success rate could be as low as 1 in 10 but when you get one post to rank well it starts making a difference to the rest of your blog.


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