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Start A Blog Tips (Your Guide To Start A Money Making Blog)

I’m a parent. I understand fear. Every time your child takes an independent step towards becoming an adult it can be terrifying. Their first solo car drive, their first independent trip abroad, first music festival… the list is long and scary. It can feel the same with a blog. Your mind races about what might happen… For my start-a-blog tips, fighting back the fear is right up there at the top.

I can give you a long list of start-a-blog tips, but unless you actually pluck up the courage to start your blog and promote it, all the tips in the world won’t help you.

We all feel fear. It can paralyze or it can be your friend. Make you feel alive and spur you on to greater achievement. So if you want to start a blog, this is my number one tip: commit.

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Tip #1 Start Your Blog Right Now

Committing is everything and starting your blog straightaway is the most important tip I can give you.


Because just like that bottle of red lying in your garage or wine cellar, blogs get better with time.

It’s not just that you get better at blogging with practice. It takes time to pick up a following and time to get Google to notice you. (Google hates blogs that are less than a year old). Time builds trust and credibility.

How long have you been thinking about starting a blog?

I bet it hasn’t just occurred to you. The odds are it’s an idea that’s been going round and round in your head for some time. If you’d started a blog when you first came up with the idea, just think how much further ahead you’d be right now. How much closer to generating your full-time blog income.

Because that’s what it’s about. Making money from blogging.

Hold on you cry. I want to start a blog to help other people. Pass on my knowledge and ideas to the world. Make a difference…

Your blog needs to be helpful.

Phew! It’s a good job you think that way. Even if deep down you really just want to make money it can’t be the only reason you want to start a blog.

No one’s going to read a blog that just says “give me the money”. Okay, I’m exaggerating here but I want to make the point your blog needs to be worth reading.

It needs to help other people. Give people a reason to return time and time again. Provide useful information that makes a difference. This is the only way to create consistent blog traffic.

Provide value before you can start making money.

Commit to starting a blog

You can’t make money if the idea is just sloshing around in your head going nowhere.

Fortunately, I have I whole series of posts to get you started:

Tip 2# Fake It Til You Make It

Does this mean going around pretending you have loads of money? Well, it is one route that works judging from the fake blog income reports you see on Pinterest.

I wish it was that easy. Start a blog and become an overnight success story earning a 6 figure income.

Sorry to rain on your parade, but unless you’re really lucky and really know what you’re doing, it’s not going to happen.

My last business had a 7 figure online income but it wasn’t easy and it certainly didn’t happen overnight.

I don’t want you to be part of the deception that bugs the blogging world. Keep it real and honest and remember your blog needs to be helpful.

Make your blog look professional.

This is what I mean by faking it. Kicking off with a professional-looking blog isn’t deception it’s essential. You may be new to blogging, but that doesn’t mean you have to look as if you’re never going to make it as a blogging pro.

You’re giving up your time and offering your free advice. You want people to read your stuff!

That’s not going to happen if your blog doesn’t look the part.

Slow page loading times, using a free blogging service or a dodgy theme will make people leave your site before they’ve read your carefully crafted words of wisdom.

Here are my tips for starting off with a Pro blog:

Tip 3# Promote, Promote, Promote

Writing your blog is just one part of the process. Even writing the best blog in the entire world won’t get you very far unless your blog has traffic.

You can talk all you want about creating a niche blog and making money from a small email list. It’s true. You can make money from a small email list.

You can even make money blogging without an email list. But you can’t make money from a blog with no traffic and no list. It’s never going to happen.

There are lots of different paths to building a successful blog but getting a reasonable amount of traffic is essential. Start your blog – get traffic – then think about making money.

This is the route I took when I started my lifestyle blog in 2019. I spent the first 12 months focusing on growing traffic – first with Pinterest and then by ranking on Google.

You can follow my tips here:

It doesn’t matter which social media platform you use to promote your blog just as long as it’s a good match for your audience.

You just need to master one platform starting out. Keep it simple and don’t spread yourself too thinly trying to work on several platforms at once.

Tip 4# Focus On The Money

Hold on. You’ve just said your blog needs to be about helping other people. Providing useful information.

It does but…

Time and time again bloggers get so wrapped up in writing their blogs, providing helpful tips, and never make any money.

Your blog has to have a means of making money.

Sounds obvious right? But so many bloggers never get to this stage. They get over their fear factor of starting a blog but fail miserably when it comes to making money.

You will never make money from blogging if you don’t try.

Why don’t people make money from blogging? Often it’s because they don’t even try.

I know here in the UK we have a warped relationship with money. It’s great to have it but being seen to try and make money is crass. Especially asking people to buy stuff!

I used to think it was better in the US but I get emails all the time from people who’ve had a blog for years but haven’t quite got around to monetizing it.

You need a clear idea of how your blog will make money.

There’s a fear that if you put affiliate links recommending products on your blog, your readers will disappear overnight. That adverts will offend them. That if they’re not getting your content totally free, they won’t stick around.


Apologies, I don’t normally swear but I’m getting fed up with this idea that tiny businesses should give away everything for free while the big guys mop up all the profits.

If it’s okay for Go Compare to make masses of money from affiliate marketing and fill our screens with the most annoying adverts on TV, it’s okay for you to put a few recommendations on your tiny blog. (If you don’t get Go Compare in the US – you are so lucky!)

Tip 5# Invest In Your Blog

People who are serious about making money invest in their blogs. They take courses. That’s how I started blogging and I still take courses today – 15 years after starting my first online business.

Now, I’d prefer it if you signed up for my course, but as long as you learn from someone that’s okay. I do want you to be successful…

My Hatch A Blog Ebook gives you the lowdown on how to start a successful, money-making blog. It’s the exact system I used for my new lifestyle blog.

Conclusion – My start a blog tips!

Tip 1# Just start your blog. The fear factor isn’t going to go away. You just need to launch right in and learn through blogging.

Tip 2# Make sure you come up with a professional-looking blog. If it doesn’t look the business your readers won’t stick around.

Tip 3# Promotion is key. You have to find your customers and social media is the best place to start.

Tip 4# You have to take the plunge and aim to make money. Don’t keep putting it off. Even adverts on your blog are better than nothing.

Tip 5# Invest in yourself and your blog. Learning is key.

Ready to start your blog? Download your FREE 12 Month Blog Plan to become a successful full-time blogger!