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Start A Blog At 50 Plus (Blogging’s Not Just For Millennials)

Flicking through social media you can be excused for thinking you need to be a young bronzed traveler or a mother with young children to start a blog. Is it crazy to think you can start a blog at 50?

Millennials seem to dominate the blogging landscape and have fully embraced the work from anywhere lifestyle. Yet that doesn’t mean there isn’t space for other generations. Blogging is a good way to make money if you’re starting over at 50.

Blogging is tribal. It’s about readers seeking out bloggers with shared values and outlooks. At fifty-plus, there’s still one big tribe out there waiting to hear from you…

start a blog at 50 plus

Start A Blog At 50 Plus

Think about the mechanics of starting a blog, finding hosting, choosing a domain name and topic, designing your blog. There is nothing about the process that’s age related. You just need to be willing to learn something new.

It can be daunting creating your public persona. There’s that feeling of acceptance as you post your hero image, wrinkles and all. After spending the last 10 years avoiding mirrors, I now get to see my picture everywhere as I edit my blog.

But it’s okay. This is me. I’m not a young millennial. That doesn’t mean I haven’t got anything to say. Advice to give, valid opinions. Take it or leave it, I still have a voice. And so do you.

Quit The Nine To Five

I often hear from people wanting to start over at 50. Tired of working 9-5, feeling unappreciated or ignored by the job market, or just wanting a change. The conventional workplace isn’t kind to the older worker and in times of cutbacks, you’re statistically the first to be laid-off.

That’s the best bit about being your own boss – job security. No-one will ever question your age. With over a million older workers locked out of the job market here in the UK, ageism is a reality. In the US, the land of opportunity, the situation is just as bleak. In the current climate that’s not going to get any better.

Now I may creak a bit first thing in the morning and my running pace is so much slower. But old! Really? It’s not something you even think about when you’re running your own business.

Quitting the 9-5 overnight isn’t something I advocate. But starting a blog does give you options. Blogging about your field provides proof that you’re still current, web-savvy, and keeping up with technology. Plus that $500 side income can become your passport to freedom.

Picking the right topic, starting your blog with the aim of making money, and there’s every chance you can grow your side hustle in to a full-time income.

Finding Your Voice

When you start a blog at 50 plus you need to find your voice. Looking for inspiration from thirty something bloggers with perfect lifestyles isn’t going to help.

That doesn’t mean at fifty plus you can’t be glamorous, entertaining, or inspiring, But it’s about being true to yourself. Sticking to the real you instead of being something you’re not.

Your readers will be looking for honesty and authenticity. Most people read blogs to find answers to their questions, get product reviews, how-to tips and advice for everything from DIY to the best hair dye to cover greys.

At 50 plus you have experience and know-how. You also have a unique insight into life for your age group that’s completely missed by millennials. If I read another post by a thirty-something suggesting exercise for the over 50’s means waving your arms in the air, or doing chair yoga I’m going to scream. Just because we’re over 50 doesn’t mean we’re nearly dead!

These two blogs by women of a certain age find the fun in life and are killing it in their niche:


Fab after Fifty blogs about everything related to the fifty plus woman, style, fashion, relationships and career.

alternative aging

Alternative Ageing follows the life of the incredibly inspiring Suzi Grant, a very young 70 year old who’s still passionate about fashion.

Yet don’t get the idea it’s just women blogging at 50 plus. Over Fifty and Fit is a very successful blog by Dane Findley that doesn’t take any prisoners!

Dane has 250,000 followers on Pinterest. Proof that the 50+ age group is looking for blog content. I always love it when he shares pins from my Love Life Be Fit blog!

Conclusion – Start A Blog At 50 Plus – What Are You Waiting For!

In the words of Yoko Ono:

Some people are old at 18 and some people are young at 90…
Time is a concept that humans created.

Starting a blog is an opportunity at any age and the fifty plus age group is making it’s mark on the blogging world. Fortunately you’re never to old to have a voice.

It’s a time of change for many, becoming a midlifer and change is a terrific reason to start a blog.

Starting over at 50? Find out how to start a blog right now!

28 thoughts on “Start A Blog At 50 Plus (Blogging’s Not Just For Millennials)”

  1. Interesting post about blogging for the over 50 crowd. I started a blog about expat life in Jamaica about a year ago. I’ve found that I can’t promote it via Pinterest and IG, as so many classes suggest. My tribe is still firmly rooted in Facebook. It’s taken me a while to figure this out. We do have voices and great things to share but we have to look at the marketing aspects a bit differently than our 30 year old counterparts. Have you found this to be true in your niche?

  2. Hi Valerie
    There definitely isn’t a one size fits all solution when it comes to social media. It’s important to discover where your tribe hangs out! I think it’s also true that your most successful platform will be the one where you expend the most effort.
    FaceBook is traditionally better for an older audience although their algorithm changes in the last few years make it difficult starting out. FaceBook Groups are better.
    I’ve put zero effort into my FaceBook page and it shows! I’ve also had a 78 year old customer find me through Pinterest. I’ve avoided IG because I don’t have the right sort of images – and it is generally a younger audience. That said my guy who’s a photographer is having some success on IG with landscape photography.
    I think the answer is to pick just one platform starting out and do it well. For me Pinterest is working and I think it helps that Pinterest promotes content creators. It makes a difference that Pinterest will boost your Pins if you’re posting and creating new pins regularly.

  3. I started my blog 11 years ago. I was 54 at the time, and honestly, I didn’t feel out of place at all. I was just another mom. I had had my kids in my mid to late 30’s, so I was kind of oblivious to my age. Now, of course, at 62, I realize I am more of a grandmom age! (Which is funny, because the name of my blog is An Artful Mom.) It’s more of a craft, photography, and home blog now, rather than a mom blog, so a name change might be in the works. I have some close ties with several other bloggers my age (and older!) I found you on Pinterest. Thanks for the post!

  4. Hi Pam, Thank you so much for commenting and I love your blog! I think when you’re self employed age really isn’t an issue. I’m sure your comment will help any readers who’ are sitting on the fence wondering if they should start a blog. Building friendships and communities is such a brilliant part of blogging.

  5. Hi Alison
    Thank-you for this post.
    I turn 50 next year and have just this week started freelancing as a Pinterest marketer. Alongside this, I am also working on a blog about midlife which I hope to launch very soon.
    Like you say, there is no point in comparing ourselves to the thirtysomethings with their perfect lives. The internet is a reflection of much of the way society in general seems to be these days. Most advertising and marketing is targeted at the under 40s unless its adverts for stairlifts and mobility scooters!
    But I don’t intend to let that put me off the ambitions I still have. I want to create a digital nomad life which allows me to earn a living from wherever I happen to be. I certainly don’t intend to let the grass grow under my feet just because I am approaching a half-century on the planet.
    Us midlifers have so much to offer- experience and wisdom and these deserve to be celebrated.
    Your blog is great. Keep up the good work!

  6. Thank you Tracey, It’s wonderful to hear you like the blog!
    This is my fastest growing post to date and seems to have hit a nerve. I think it’s proving there are lots of 50+ bloggers about. Good luck with your freelancing and turning 50. Just watch out for the slew of stairlift adverts arriving through your letter box. I found the funeral parlour missives especially uplifting! Alison

  7. I absolutely LOVE this! I too just began a blog earlier this year. I am finding my way slowly but I can tell you it makes my heart race! It has become a passion and I couldn’t imagine not having blogging in my life! I would love for you to check out my site and give me any advice – I will be following you so I don’t miss out on any of the good stuff! Hope to stay in touch – Lisa

  8. Hi Lisa
    Thank you so much for your comments. Blogging does take over your life – but in a positive way!
    I had a look at your blog. I really like the focus on a happy and healthy midlife. My only thoughts were your freebie for menu planning seemed a little bit random on your homepage and would be better on a food related page. Could you come up with a freebie around your Beginner’s Guide To Empty Nesting? Otherwise visitors to your blog with no interest in menus might click away.
    Just my thoughts – of course if your freebie is working stick with it! Alison

  9. Thanks for the post. I just turned 59 yesterday and have been working on my blog since summer when I retired as a University lecturer.
    Learning the back end stuff has been challenging to say the least, but as a writer, I love doing the posts and now I’m on top of all the set up stuff I’m going to devote more time to it.
    My main worry in finding an older audience is that I’m definitely not in the Saga/Cruise/Luxury holiday niche which is the predominant stereotype for older women. Many women my age are old punks, glam rockers and the like. I’m working on how to appeal to women like me. I guess it takes time. It’s good to know there are more of us out there.
    Pinterest is definitely my platform and I don’t do Instagram because I feel it’s for the beautiful people!

  10. Hi Alizon! Thank you for commenting though I must complain your blog has distracted me for at least 15 minutes. I’ve been reading about your epic moves to Spain!
    The 1000+ shares of this post seem to show the 50+ community is alive and well on Pinterest. I’m sure your bog will continue to grow.
    My reason for starting Simply Hatch was the struggle people have with the “back-end stuff ” . Love seeing my course members successful launch their blogs!

  11. Hi! I’m happy you addressed this! I’m in your demographic and started my book review blog the day I retired from teaching! Best decision! ….but I am selective in posting pics! 😱😂 I think one of the hardest areas for me was putting myself out there on instagram and twitter for anyone in the world to engage with me…..I think the older you are the more cautious you might be??? On the flip side I’ve made virtual friends around the world and age isn’t a factor. Having social platforms helps me feel younger! 😍

  12. Hi Carol! Thanks for commenting. Maybe it’s not so much that we’re more cautious about social media we just haven’t grown up with it? Yes I do love the way blogging helps you engage with so many different people around the World.

  13. Hello, found your post very interesting and informative. It was the over 50 title that intrigued me. I have had a personal blog for a little while now, documenting mine and my partner’s journey, but we are at a cross roads with our intended travel plans and I am researching ways to set up a blog that focuses clearly on our adventures as over 50 somethings! I have played with instagram recently, because I like the format, whether it’s the wrong tribe, I’ll have to see. Pinterest I find totally confusing.

  14. Hi Deborah, thank you for your comments. You have some wonderful images on your blog! Pinterest is a visual search engine and it’s a friendly tribe but it’s not for everyone. It’s really about finding what works for you. If Instagram is working – stick with it! I’m finding that the blogging community at 50 plus is alive and kicking.

  15. VERY inspiring! I am “binging” on articles this week all over the web to lesrn all I can about blogging. I started an obscure blog several years ago but didn’t have or know about the skills to get it off. the ground. Now I am starting over to make an educated go at it! I am in my 60’s (so not a long time left to make my mark or money!). One of your reader comments had to do with the lack of subjects geared towards older people. That will be one of my platforms to address travel for senior citizens. This article helped me see how much value I can add.

  16. Hi Gail. Thank you so much for your comment. There are so many wonderful bloggers around proving live doesn’t stop at 50… or 60. I’m sure you have plenty of time to make your mark!

  17. I’m 52 and am loving blogging. I find it’s harder to get an engaged audience publically but I get a lot of great feedback through pms and in person. We are a generation of not being so comfortable with commenting online so much as the younger generations. But I think what we have to say is being very well received. There’s something out there for everyone.

  18. Hi Jo, Thanks for your comments. I think commenting is about feeling you’re in a “safe” community, where comments will be valued. This post is a good example!

    If you’re targeting a community, it’s important to use their language and adopt the same style of writing. Just because it’s in “english” doesn’t mean you can communicate. All communities have their own words, slang etc. It can be a case of studying the language use to be able to engage. Mumsnet is a good example. If you don’t know what DS and DD means, you won’t get very far

    Try and think about who you want to target and make sure your language and writing style fits your audience.

  19. Found you on Pinterest and I thoroughly enjoy your blog posts. Yes – over fifty we have a voice and it’s filled with wisdom! Keep up the great blogging!

  20. Hi. We to are an over 50 couple who moved to South East Asia from Australia in 2012, and just recently started our blog. We specifically target the Over 50 demographic. Just because you reached the golden years of your life doesn’t mean you can’t get out and enjoy it to the fullest. I enjoyed your post it’s very accurate. A lot of the advice on the internet is posted by the millennial age bracket and to be honest the jargon some spin just leaves me more confused.. a simple “how to for dummies” has been more beneficial than all the bells and whistles course etc offered.
    And I agree with everyone else’s comments and feed back. Baby boomers are alive and well and taking the blogging world by storm.. we may not have the looks but we certainly have the real life experience & wisdom which money can’t buy..
    It was great to see so many over 50’s comment here.. thank you..

  21. Hi Kerry. Thank you for commenting. It looks like you’re having a lot of fun in South East Asia and I love the pen and ink icons on your blog. It’s good to see the huge 50+ age group finding it’s voice!

  22. I enjoyed this post, I am in my early 50s and just started a blog this year. Sometimes all the new things to learn from a practical side are a bit daunting! But you have encouraged me to keep going. I wouldn’t have been able to do it earlier on in life, as I didn’t have the life experience then. Thanks for sharing.


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