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Helpful Resources For Bloggers

hosting your blog

Starting A Blog

These resources for bloggers will help you start your first blog. Aimed at complete beginner bloggers, these are step-by-step guides to help you set up your blog correctly and start writing your first posts.

best blogging tools

Blogging Tools

These are the tools I use every day to manage and promote my blogs. I’ve tested out a LOT of tools over the last few years and these are the BEST.

12 Month Blog Plan Schedule

The 12-Month Blog Plan.

The exact steps you need to take to go from zero to a full-time blogging income. Find out how to become a successful blogger in 2022!

make money bloggging

Make Money Blogging

Starting a blog is easy. It’s making money blogging that people find hard. There’s a lot more you need to learn such as building an audience, growing an email list and converting traffic to your blog into paying customers. Learn about the different ways to make money from your blog.

start your blog

Build Your Blogging Audience

Most new bloggers struggle to find an audience. It’s not much fun if it’s just your mom reading your blog! These resources for bloggers will give you an idea of what it takes to start getting traffic to your blog. My Hatch A Blog Ebook (see below) will kick start your audience growth.

The ultimate step-by-step guide to building a blogging income.

This is the advice I wish I’d had when I started making money online. This 152-page ebook is crammed with information. From finding your money-making idea and the pitfalls you need to avoid to be a successful blogger to growing your blog FAST and advice to kick start your blogging income.