How Do Beginner Blogs Make Money?

Alison Wright, Owner Simply Hatch

Hi I'm Alison

I started my first eCommerce business back in the days of dial-up. One of my businesses grew from a tiny startup to a 7 figure turnover. The key to my success was blogging.

With a blog I could attract people to my tiny store, so small you couldn't swing a cat in it, located in a town of less than 2000 people next to the Scottish border.  

Blogging made all the difference and it's still the best way to drive traffic to a website. It's also the best way to make money from home (or anywhere) if you only have a laptop and a tiny budget.

But how do beginner blogs make money?

Spoiler alert. Most beginner blogs don't make any money at all. Why? Because people go about blogging the wrong way. They start their blog as a hobby with the wishful feeling it would be nice to make some extra cash. 

Several months later they're still blogging but no-one's reading their posts, not even their Mum. Their random posts have failed to find an audience. Any money making thoughts have evapourated and they soldier on convincing themselves they're only blogging for the love of writing.

Where did blogging start?

It doesn't have to be that way. There's a believe that making money from blogging is about high traffic volumes and ad income. You don't need focus, you just need a following.

This just isn't true.

It may have worked 10 years when some of today's top bloggers were starting out, but times have changed. The internet has become a very competitive place. Advertising big bucks are for established bloggers with a large following.

If you're just starting out your income from ads will be tiny. Most people hate ads. So you'll be adding something to your site that alienates your readers. Just to earn a few pennies.

So where does that leave the beginner blogger? 

Fortunately, there are other ways to make blogging work. Methods that get results with fewer followers. In a World where big business has lost the personal touch, affiliate marketing and digital products have become the saviour of the beginner blogger. 

People buy from friends and brands have turned to bloggers to be their authentic voice. A small following of fans is all it takes to influence purchases.

Leap of faith

It's now possible with a helpful, focused approach to start a blog and make money from Day 1.

Of course, most people will take a little longer and it will take hard work. But if you're ready to earn some extra money, $500-1000+ extra a month, or maybe earn enough to replace your 9-to-5 job, sign up now for my FREE 7 day eCourse.

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Alison Wright, Owner Simply Hatch

About Alison

Business founder, teacher, and facilitator, Alison has owned and run several businesses taking one from a few hundred pounds investment to a 7 figure turnover. Originally trained as an Engineer, she worked as a Business Solutions Consultant for a score of large organisations. Alison is a Qualified Teacher and has an MBA from Edinburgh Business School.

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