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Looking for home business ideas? Thinking about taking the plunge and starting up a business from home? Let’s see if I can help. I started my own home business 15+ years ago and I’ve never looked back.

Now I’m got going to tell you it’s easy quitting a 9-5 job and going without a regular paycheck. Yet sometimes you get to a point where you really need to make a change. Where something’s got to give and working from home can be the answer.

✅Everyone has different reasons to work from home. I hear from so many people who’ve reached a certain age and become disillusioned with the job market. For me, I first started working from home to spend more time with my child. I got to be there for him while he was growing up.

Whatever your reasons, this blog aims to help you come up with your home business idea, work your way through the start-up maze and start growing your business online.

Finding Your Home Business Idea

From experience so many people get stuck on this stage, finding a home business idea. There’s an expectation an idea has to be unique. Only by being the next Dyson do you have a chance of success.

Well, I’m going to rain on your parade here. Most of you are not going to be the next Dyson or Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, (and that’s probably a good thing). If you spend all your life trying to come up with “the idea” to make you into a billionaire, you’re probably never going to start anything.

You need to pick an idea that’s already been tested. Why, because then you’ll know there’s a market. It’s far harder selling people an idea they don’t know they need or even want. That’s why it took years before Dyson made any money.

It’s entirely possible to make money with an existing idea. All you need is to add your own unique slant or personality to make the idea stand out. Is a Pinch of Nom based on a new idea? Of course not.

People have been writing about recipes and weight loss for years. Their success lies in the execution of the idea, blending easy-to-cook recipes with building a responsive community.

Online Home Business

I started my first business website back in the days of dial-up. It’s doubtful anyone guessed back then how much the internet would change the business landscape. Just about all businesses these days have an online presence.

Maybe I’m biased but I do think an online business is the way to go if you’re working from home. There’s just so much more opportunity and the start-up costs are far lower. Who wants to pay rent and rates on a dying High Street.

If you’re creative, you can start your business with an Etsy store or similar, but I do think it’s best to have a website that’s all yours. It gives you far more scope for promotion and attracting customers.

Fortunately, you no longer need to spend thousands on a custom-designed website. With a little perseverance just about anyone can build a website on WordPress or Shopify, creating your shop window to the world.