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Most Beginner Blogs Don't Make Any Money: How Can Yours Be Different!

I don't want to put you off but it's a real issue that so many beginner blogs don't make any money. I've been thinking about the problem. Why are some blogs so successful, making 6-figure incomes, while others struggle to make $100 in their first year? Maybe it's something to do with attitude.

There's this idea that setting up a blog is easy. That all you have to do is sign-up for hosting and post frequently. You pick up a few tips online and just write about the things you do everyday, the stuff you love and the places you visit. Easy! So how come these blogs don't make any money.

I like to think of it as the hobby approach. It's the lack of real commitment to making money. "I'm sure people are going to love reading my posts but if they don't, well it's only an experiment". Is this you!!!

Some blogs don't even try to make money. It may surprise you but so many blogs, even some with high traffic, have no means of monetisation on their sites. You can't make money if you don't face the fear factor and try. 

Personally I don't do half-baked efforts. If you're thinking about starting a blog you have to treat it as a new skill. Something that takes time and investment. Otherwise it's a bit like running your first marathon, with no training, in a pair of borrowed shoes.

There's no "One-Size Fits All" approach to Make Money from Blogging

I adore the way blogging is so versatile. That doesn't mean you can blog about anything to make money but as long as there's an audience (and related products to promote), there's every chance you can profit from your blog idea.

There's a misguided view that only certain types of blogs will make money; personal finance, health & fitness, food, beauty & fashion, personal development, lifestyle and of course, blogging about blogging (which is hard to pull off without some experience).

These topics are popular. They tap into people's desires and high-level needs, but they're by no means the only way to make money from blogging. Sewing, arts & crafts, parenting, prepping, are all examples of blogging topics making money right now.

Successful Blogs All Have One Thing In Common: A Focused Approach To Making Money

When you see 6-Figure earnings for successful bloggers, it didn't happen by accident. These bloggers worked for it. They learnt how to build a Professional blog, provided helpful, free advice to engage with their readers, created opt-in forms and landing pages, managed an email list and worked hard at generating traffic. All essential ingredients for a successful blog.

The Hard Way To Build A Professional Blog (When An Expensive Course Lets You Down)!

I always believe in taking the easy option when it's available. So when I decided to set up a WordPress blog, I signed up for an expensive course. (I've been blogging since the days of dial-up but I'd never used WordPress and wanted to give it a go). Paid out my money, took the course and when I got to the bit about actually setting up my blog - zilch. One page of instructions to install a theme and the comment that most people manage to figure it out or you can always hire a graphic designer. Unbelievable!

Fortunately I have an engineering background and I'm used to digging around in websites. I fell in love with WordPress big time. It's incredibly versatile and used by 30% of websites on the planet. Still I did feel cheated that I'd paid out for a blogging course and ended up teaching myself.

I became a little bit obsessive. Trying out different themes, testing out hosting accounts, investigating different tools - all the techy stuff makes me so happy. But it occurred to me that not everyone shares my passion. Some people would find setting up their blog really daunting.

I wondered: "Could I break down setting up a blog into easy steps that anyone could follow?"

At this point I should tell you I'm a qualified teacher. It's relevant because this is what teachers do every day. Take a topic and break it down into bite sized chunks their students understand. Make sure the individual steps build to cover the whole topic and flow in a logical order.

But a successful blog isn't just about the techy stuff. There's the opt-in forms, landing pages and email lists, generating traffic, USP, affiliate marketing and MVP - phew that's a lot of jargon. Basically there's a lot of stuff you need to know. Fortunately none of this was new to me. I have an MBA. Way more importantly, up until two years ago, I actually ran a 7-Figure ecommerce business. (Which also had a blog - it just wasn't a WordPress blog).

Now I'd planned on setting up a lifestyle blog, I even had the domain name ready, I'd installed a theme - but this idea about helping people set up their blogs without paying for a graphic designer just kept bugging me.

Learn How To Set Up A Beginner Blog In Easy Steps

This is what I wanted to achieve. Being able to go from the "Hello World" blank page you get when you sign up for WordPress hosting to a Professional looking FREE theme or versatile Paid theme. The steps had to be easy to follow, achievable by anyone, with no need for a graphic designer.

Bare wordpress blog

Go from the default WordPress theme. 

free thene

To a Professional looking FREE theme.

Or a fully versatile Paid theme.

There's Way More To Successful Blogging Than Setting Up Your Blog

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    Choosing a Money Making Idea. 
    This is key to a successful blog. Picking a topic with a limited audience will not lead to an income. The best topics have a strong audience and the ability to make money.
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    Building Your Blog Structure. 
    Everything from your WordPress settings to security certificates, using plugins and widgets, categories and tags and essential navigation that directs visitor to the important parts of your blog. Being a WordPress Master setting up a Professional looking theme with a conversion focused site.
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    Your Branding Exercise.
    Creating killer logos, choosing a colour scheme and using consistent fonts. Adding a WOW factor to images.
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    Effective Email Marketing.
    Using opt-in forms to build email lists, creating freebies and printables, adding downloads to sign-up forms.
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    Creating Terrific Content.
    Building a blog focus, establishing core topics, using a blog post template, adding More tags, writing list posts, finding topics your audience wants to read.
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    Generating Traffic.
    Finding the best sources of traffic, using social media, essential knowledge of search engine optimisation, hustling!
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    Monetising Your Site.
    Traffic is important but if you want to make money, you need a means of converting your traffic into income. There's no point in creating a solution which doesn't tell you how to turn traffic into money. After all that's how you achieve a successful blog!

Putting It All Together Into One Solution Anyone Can Follow...

Coming up with a complete solution to setting up a successful blog turned into quite a challenge. I had to look at it from a beginner's point of view. There was no point delving into advanced techniques that would over-whelm a new blogger. There's a lot to be said for the saying "Don't try and run before you can walk". I had to keep things easy to understand. Starting anything new is quite a challenge without burying someone under layers of complication.

It's like the courses that over-promise (and under-deliver), "Become a 6-Figure Blogger". Yes I'd love my solution to create 6-Figure Bloggers but do you know how you become a 6 or 7-Figure Blogger? By learning how to make $1000 first. Get the basics right, create a money making machine, then you can build on what works. Making your first $1000 is the hardest part.

A Solution To Start A Successful Blog - No Coding Required and No Compromises

I don't write code and I don't see that it's essential to start your own blog. That doesn't mean you have to compromise on the speed and performance of your blog by using a bloated theme or badly coded page builder. It also doesn't mean struggling to start your blog and paying a graphic designer to come up with a fix a few months down the line.​

This was the main incentive for creating this solution. Being able to start a professional blog that's fast, secure and optimised for search engines as a complete beginner - no coding required.

The Hatch A Blog Course

This course is the complete solution to take you from have no idea what to blog about( or how to start) to launching your successful blog and making your first $1000. The course contains 15 Modules with 60+ Videos To Support Your Blog Launch. Over 6+ hours of video walkthroughs and tutorials from a qualified teacher and professional blogger.

You'll learn how to set up a Professional Standard Blog and be well on your way to making your first $1000.

hatch a blog course
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    This is course is packed full of information: follow along as I demonstrate how to set up your blog using a FREE or paid theme in easy to follow steps. 6+ hours of videos walkthroughs.
  • 2
    Benefit from the 116 page image rich eBook: providing a step-by-step guide to everything you need to know to start making money online.
  • 3
    Get your 12-month blog plan for success: includes 41 pages for organising your weekly schedule, making your 12-month blog plan, setting your monthly blog goals, and recording all the information that goes into building a blog from your plugins to your site changes and affiliate links.
  • 4
    BONUS #1 Pro Blogger Resources: access my list of tools and resources for blogging. These are tools and resources I use everyday and most of them are FREE. They will make your life so much easier (and your blog so much more successful)...
  • 5
    BONUS #2 Private Community Support: access to the Hatch A Blog Private FaceBook Group for assistance & advice from Alison and the wider Hatch A Blog community. I will answer every question - no question is too small...
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    BONUS #3 An Introduction To Affiliate Marketing : traffic is useless unless you know how to use it to make money. This introduction to affiliate marketing will show you the techniques to turn your traffic into income. 

What People Are Saying About Hatch A Blog

“Alison has been terrific to answer questions. Very approachable.”

"I wanted to get into blogging for the freedom of working at home and on my own terms. Alison helped me out by helping me understand the WordPress platform and incorporating aspects about making money from blogging.

Alison set up the course in a way which was methodical. There is a lot to absorb and excellent having the opportunity to be able to go back and look up topics when you need to. Alison has been terrific to answer questions I have emailed her about the course and in answering questions I have posted to her Facebook page. Very approachable.

My blog is coming together and I am liking what I am seeing. It is a fantastic feature to have lifetime access to the course for a fresher on topics or have more updated material added."

Donna Stewart
- Founder, Journey Of Self Content

“Alison explains everything so clearly - in such logical steps..."

“I'm loving this course! I'm making a list of ideas as I go! This is so exciting! So many things I hadn't thought about! Alison explains everything so clearly - in such logical steps."

Pauline Aitchison
- Business Manager at SCHOOLS NorthEast
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