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How To Design A Blog On WordPress (Your Visitors Will Love)

Think about how often you’ve clicked through to a blog and been… well.. disappointed. Too informal for the subject matter or too dry and serious. You’ve been bombarded with annoying adverts or pop-ups that have stopped you from reading the post.

When you start a blog how do you design a blog on WordPress that your visitors will love? Read on for my top tips for a cracking WordPress blog…

Design a blog on WordPress

It’s All About The Audience

To get a WordPress blog or website design right, you need to start with your audience. Who are your customers? What’s their age range, gender, tastes. What do they do in their spare time and most importantly, what are their favourite websites.

Short of breaking the main design rules, there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to the style of your blog. It just needs to match the tastes of your visitors.

Designing a website for lovers of barbie dolls – make it bright pink. Antique furniture? The look will be be more subdued. But it could still range from a traditional site in colour and style, to the more modern feel of a site aimed at thirty-something buyers looking for interesting pieces for their first flat.

The tastes of your customers need to be reflected in your site design.

mood boards

What Impression Are You Trying To Make?

I always find it a bit odd when blogs or websites try to make out they’re some big corporate machine, when it’s just one person blogging away in their bedroom.

It just doesn’t work.

There’s always something that gives the game away. It’s way better to be genuine. Revel in being a tiny business, in being relatable. See it as a big plus. (In case you’re wondering – this blog is just me writing away in my converted office space at the top of the house).

Being authentic still leaves you with choices. Will you be writing in a personal style with lots of comments about what you think, like this one? Or will your writing be aimed purely at providing information for the visitor?

Most bloggers tend to opt for the personal approach but it’s not the only way of writing.

Take Heathline as an example. It may be huge with vast numbers of contributors, but it’s still a blog. The writing style is all about the visitor with no personal reflections.

Just remember – your style needs to be a fit for your audience.

How To Get Your Blog Design Right

Creating a mood board is one way to get your design right. Pull together images of blogs or websites your typical customer follows. Collect colours that inspire, ideas that define your blog.

Pinterest is a good place to create mood boards. Set up a secret board and pin to your heart’s content. It’s fun but it does work. You’ll find a style for your blog developing as you pin.

Further Tips

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