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Bluehost Coupon Code 2022 – Save 63% + Free Domain Name + Free SSL

Are you ready to start your WordPress blog? If so, the first step is to find hosting. That’s a confusing task with so many different web hosting companies to choose from.

Ideally, as a new blogger, you want hosting that’s easy to set-up. There are lots of companies offering good hosting but most of them expect you to have some techy knowledge to get started.

That’s not much use when you’re a beginner. So what if there’s a great web hosting service that makes the set-up process really easy? Even better if it provides reliable hosting and costs less money?

Introducing Bluehost. They are the official WordPress recommended hosting provider. Now that has to count for something! The other great thing about Bluehost? They specialize in WordPress – that’s how much they love it. Launched in 1996, they’re one of the oldest web hosts and a go-to household name for bloggers.

You get a terrific deal with Bluehost. A free domain, free SSL certificate, and pricing starts at an amazing 63% discount when you use my Bluehost coupon.

This post contains affiliate links and I’m an affiliate for Bluehost. This means I receive a commission if you make a purchase through my link, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read my disclaimer for more information.

Bluehost Coupon Code

Bluehost are the best choice for beginners looking for affordable hosting.

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Easy Steps To Use Your Bluehost Coupon Code

This exclusive coupon from Simply Hatch gives you up to 63% OFF your WordPress hosting with Bluehost. To redeem your Bluehost coupon just follow the easy instructions below. Your blog will be set up in no time at all!

bluehost coupon
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Domain Name Checker

Find out if your preferred domain name is available!

Bluehost Set Up Instructions

Follow this link to redeem your Bluehost coupon. You need to visit via this link to get the deal. You will see the following screen:

Bluehost coupon code

Just click on the green button “Get Started” and your discount code will be applied.

#1 Choose your Bluehost plan

You’ll now be asked to select your hosting plan. If it’s your first blog, go with the Basic Plan.

Bluehost coupon basic plan

Pick your plan and click the green “Select” button. Next it’s time to pick your domain name.

#2 Pick your domain name

Type in the new domain name you want and click next to see if it’s available. Your domain name is the address of your website. For example, mine is

If you haven’t chosen a domain name yet you can skip this section and choose one later.

On the next page you’ll set up your Bluehost account.

#3 Set up your Bluehost account

Fill in your details and check your plan. Next to savings you’ll see your Bluehost coupon has been applied.

I recommended selecting the 36 month plan to get the maximum savings but it’s okay to choose just 12 months. These are two good reasons to choose 36 months:

  • Bluehost has a 30 day guarantee. You can cancel your plan at any time within the first 30 days and get a full refund of your hosting costs.
  • Signing up for a longer plan is a commitment. You’re in this for the long-term. This blog will mean a lot to you and that extra incentive may help you work your butt off to make this a success!
Bluehost package costs

Next you’ll see some package extras. You don’t need any of these right now and you can always add them later. It’s a good idea to add domain privacy. (Not essential if you live in the UK or the EU). You won’t see the domain privacy option if you’re choosing to pick your domain name later.

Bluehost package extras

Adding domain privacy protects your personal details from being added to the public record for your domain. Paying for protection stops scammers getting in touch and being inundated with emails trying to sell you things you don’t need! It’s worth the extra cost.

The exception is if you live in the EU where you’re covered by GDPR regulations and public records are not allowed to share your personal data. This is the public record for one of my Bluehost sites:

As I live in the UK, my details are protected from public view and I didn’t have to pay for domain privacy.

Bluehost enter payment

Enter your payment details and check the box to agree to Bluehost’s Terms of Service. Hit the green “Submit” button.

Congratulations you’ve signed up for hosting! The first step along the way to starting your blog.

The next steps will ask you to set up a password for your new account. Pick one that’s secure and make sure you can remember it.

I hope you’ve found this guide and Bluehost Coupon helpful. I always work hard to get the best possible deals for my followers.

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What are Bluehost Coupon Codes?

Bluehost Coupon Codes are special discounts that give you price savings on their hosting services. The coupons are applied automatically when you click on the exclusive link from this page. The discounts are higher than the advertised offers on the Bluehost website.

How do I get a discount on Bluehost?

Visit the Bluehost website by clicking on the links form this page. You’ll see the “Exclusive offer for fans of Simply Hatch” message. Click on the green “Get Started Now” button to apply the exclusive Bluehost Coupon Code. The easy to follow steps will walk you through setting up your blog.