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Blogging Tools & Resources

Advice & Tips for New Bloggers

When you’re starting your first blog it can be difficult to find the best blogging tools amongst the overwhelming information online. There’s so much advice, so many distracting shiny objects, it’s a wonder anyone manages to launch their first blog.

Even as an online veteran, I’ve jumped around trying out new things, (in the pretense of research), while setting up this blog on Simply Hatch. It’s so easy to waste a lot of time.

I’ve pulled together this list of products I use on my blogs Simply Hatch, One Tiny Biz, Love Life Be Fit and my niche blog, along with a few extra tools that come highly recommended by fellow successful bloggers.

This post contains affiliate links, for example, I’m an affiliate for Bluehost and HostGator. This means I receive a commission if you make a purchase through my links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read my disclaimer for more information.

✅ I recommend Bluehost for beginner bloggers. Read on to find out more or take my word for it and get your deal here

You can follow my advice or spend time finding your own. It depends on what sort of person you are. I originally trained as an Engineer so I always have to dig into why and how something works. I get it if you need to do the same.

If you do follow my advice please note there are affiliate links on this page. That means I get a small commission if you sign up for a product via my link (at no extra cost to you). This helps to fund my product testing and the free content provided on my site. I don’t have affiliate links for all the products on this page. Some of these resources are listed just because I use them all the time.

Blogging Tools & Resources

Here’s the list. Click on the links to speed your way to the section you want!

WordPress Hosting

There are several different types of hosting. Not all blog hosting is equal. You can read my guide to WordPress Hosting to find out more:

How To Choose The Best WordPress Hosting.

Hosting needs to be fast, secure, and reliable, plus good support is essential. Choosing your host based on price is a big mistake. Take my 15+ years of experience and don’t do it.

I use a selection of hosting providers for my blogs and I’ve tested out all the providers I recommend opting for speedy hosting with good support. I use WP Engine to host this Simply Hatch site and my lifestyle blog, Love Life Be Fit. I grow my new blogs on Bluehost. It’s more affordable until you start monetizing your traffic.

All the different hosting providers I use have PRO’s and CON’s. Your choice depends on where you are on your blogging journey.

When you’re a beginner blogger, before you start making any money, you need good BUT affordable hosting. You also need hosting that make’s your life easy as a beginner blogger – so you can get on with producing content straight away…

Bluehost (Best for Beginners)

Bluehost is the Top Official WordPress hosting provider. They also provide the best value package for a new blogger. Their Basic startup deal includes both a FREE SSL certificate, a FREE domain name, and 24/7 support. Plus I’ve negotiated an amazing deal for Simply Hatch readers.

✅ If affordable hosting is your top priority, Bluehost is a good place to host your first blog. They also have a reputation for good site speed for beginner blogs. Click on the link below and grab your special coupon code for up to 63% off with hosting plans starting at $2.75/month.

HostGator (Best for Fast-Growing Sites)

HostGator provides fast, reliable, secure hosting and are known for their good support. They have a wide range of different hosting plans making them a good choice if you have a rapidly growing site.

HostGator has a monthly payment plan which is helpful if you don’t want to pay for 12 months of hosting up front or want to give blogging a try before committing to a longer-term plan.

✅They will migrate over an existing site for free and their Hatchling Plan starts at $2.75 a month (instead of $6.95) when you use my HostGator coupon. This includes a free SSL certificate, 1-click WordPress install, and for a limited time period, they’re offering a free domain.


If price wasn’t a factor in people’s decisions, I would recommend Agathon to everyone. Their managed website hosting is at an Enterprise level of performance. It’s the go-to solution for bloggers with big plans.

Agathon provides virtual dedicated hosting for WordPress sites. That means no sharing! You get your own dedicated resources. That means blazingly fast speed and help with anything you need – site migration, staging, multiple sites – anything. Their support is excellent.

The pricing does put them outside the level of most beginner bloggers. I pay $80 per month to host both my blogs plus an extra $20 for their custom StackPath CDN.

Previously I hosted my blogs with WP Engine. I don’t have anything negative to say about WP Engine except it’s eye-watering expensive if you’re growing a high-volume blog. BUT the support from Agathon is even better PLUS I get my own server space – there are no shared servers. If you’ve outgrown your existing hosting, take advantage of Agathon’s free migration service – you won’t regret it!

Blogging Tools – Themes

There are a crazy amount of FREE themes to choose from. Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New on your dashboard and search to your heart’s content. It’s a fun way to lose a few hours of your time. Look for themes that are frequently updated and mobile-friendly.

The downside of most free themes is they are built to sell products. These can be page builders or to upsell a paid theme. I used to think all FREE themes were limited and then I discovered GeneratePress

GeneratePress FREE Theme

I love this theme! It’s so quick to set up and the FREE version is all you need as a beginner blogger. It’s the theme I used until recently for this blog Simply Hatch.

GeneratePress is loved by Pro-bloggers who are focused on achieving the best possible PageSpeed for ranking their blogs highly on Google.

You can upgrade to the PRO Version and the price is reasonable at just $59 per year. You’ll get access to their library of demo sites and extra modules for customization.

dispatch theme generate press
wordpress theme

But just sticking to the FREE version is a good move and you can always add in Pro modules if you need them at a later stage.


I’ve been using Trellis the theme designed by the ad network Mediavine on my lifestyle blog for about a year and I LOVE it. So much so that as soon as the theme was available for EVERYBODY, not just Mediavine users, I changed to Trellis on this blog Simply Hatch. If you can afford a paid theme – DO IT!

I don’t make any money recommending Trellis but it would be wrong not to. The themes may seem a little plain but remember everyone is using their phones to read your blog! Simple is best.

Email Marketing Services

I use ConvertKit. It’s a service designed by bloggers for bloggers and it’s terrific if you’re using freebies to entice people to sign up for your newsletter list. ConvertKit has a FREE service for up to 1000 subscribers.

The only downside of ConvertKit is if you want to send image-rich emails to promote your products. You can add images to your ConvertKit emails but it’s not a visual platform. That’s fine for most bloggers but not so much for eCommerce

One option is to use Constant Contact. It’s an easy-to-use platform, with a range of templates geared around eCommerce. Just right for tiny businesses.


ConvertKit is an email marketing service designed by professional bloggers for professional bloggers. These guys know exactly what you need! ConvertKit is my favorite blogging tool on this list! They really understand your requirements for affiliate marketing and launching products.

Their comprehensive knowledge base will walk you through capturing subscribers and setting up sequences to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Over the years I’ve tried out several different email marketing services and by comparison, ConvertKit is on a  whole different level.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact could be a good option if you need to send out newsletters for an eCommerce store. Unlike ConvertKit, Constant Contact has a range of templates for promoting products.

It’s an easy-to-use platform with a drag and drop editor. Create professional-looking newsletters quickly and wow your followers. Take a look at this step-by-step guide for using Constant Contact with WordPress.

Constant Contact is known for good delivery for emails – you want to make sure your emails are reaching your customers!

Blogging Tools – Page Builders

My view is the best way to build your pages is using the new Gutenberg editor that comes with WordPress. With the Gutenberg block editor, it’s difficult for page builders to compete.

But Gutenberg doesn’t have a drag and drop editor and that’s where page builders can save you a lot of time. I’ve tried out quite a few different page builders and Elementor is one of the easiest to use. Best of all it has a really good FREE version.


Having looked into the most popular page builders available, the clear winner for a new blogger is Elementor. A big plus is its free version.

The free version has 30 widgets you can use to edit your page and a number of free-to-use templates. You can easily change your fonts, add backgrounds, images, and full-width sections. There’s no real need to upgrade to the paid version of Elementor Pro although at $49 for a single site the price is reasonable.

My view is that Elementor is one of the cleanest page builders around and will have the least effect on load speed. It’s also less reliant on shortcodes than some of the other popular page builders. This means that if you decide to switch back to Gutenberg at a future date, your text will still be intact and you won’t have to retype your page from scratch.

Blogging Tools – Social Media Plugins

If you want your posts shared across social media – and who doesn’t – you need a social media plugin.

Social Warfare

Social Warfare is the social media plugin I used to grow my sites Simply Hatch and Love Life Be Fit. There’s an excellent FREE version but you need to upgrade to the Pro version if you want Pinterest Save It Pins on your site (something I strongly recommend for extra traffic).

Social Warfare has been essential for growing my blog traffic and has helped to quickly grow backlinks to my site as people share my posts across social media.

Grow By Mediavine

I’ve recently replaced my social media plugins with Grow By Mediavine. It’s excellent but you’ll want to opt for the paid version at $34 per year.


I use Tailwind to schedule my Pinterest pins. It’s an official Pinterest partner and is widely used by all top pinners. With Tailwind I can set up my pinning schedule for the week in about 20 minutes flat and I use it to track the performance of all my pins. For me, it’s an essential tool that’s helped me quickly grow my Pinterest following.

Images And Image Editing Blogging Tools

Images are essential for any blogging tool kit and one of the first skills you will need to master as a new blogger is image editing. It’s so important to make sure your images are optimized to load quickly on your blog.

I have a FaceBook Live video to get you started. It was my first ever FaceBook Live so it’s not the slickest video! Give my page a like while you’re there!


I use Canva to create all my Pinterest Pins and other social media graphics. There’s a free version that’s sufficient for most new bloggers.

I don’t think a day goes by when I’m not on Canva – that’s how important this blogging tool is!


I used Lunapic in the FaceBook Live session to edit images for FREE. It’s a good online tool and you can also use it to create a transparent background by removing a block color.


This is the plugin I used when I first started my Simply Hatch site to minimize images.


Unsplash is an excellent source of beautiful royalty-free images.


I’ve been using a lot of images over the summer with my lifestyle blog Love Life Be Fit. I’ve found that whenever I’ve used stock photos from a paid plan my pins on Pinterest have performed better.

In fact, all my viral pins on Love life Be Fit have been from paid image sources. I ended up redoing a lot of my images and replacing free images with paid just to boost my traffic.

The deal is people get tired of seeing the same images. Now there’s no guarantee the paid images you use will be unique to your niche but compared with free images, which are everywhere, you will have an advantage.

If you want to go down the paid images route, Shutterstock is a good option. You can even give Shutterstock a try for free.

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to start making money from your new blog. Amazon Associates is the route many people take to give affiliate marketing a try. Think of it as a way to get to grips with affiliate marketing.

Amazon Associates is nowhere near as lucrative as it used to be BUT people trust Amazon and you can still make good money if you have a high-traffic blog. Fortunately, for low-traffic blogs, there are a lot of better-paying alternatives. Once you’ve started to establish your blog you can sign up for affiliate networks such as ShareASale.


The best way to find affiliate products is to search for a brand you know and love and add the word affiliate. However, there are big affiliate networks where you can research products. I use ShareASale just because it’s the network used for some of my favorite brands. It was an easy signup process, it’s FREE to apply and the site is straightforward to use.

Keyword Blogging Tools

Keyword research is vital for any blogger, even when starting out. Pro keyword tools can get really pricey. Fortunately, there’s a good FREE tool you can use.


This tool by Neil Patel is mainly free to use and an important aid for new bloggers.

Video Production Blogging Tools

I use the Logitech, C920 HD Pro Webcam for filming my videos, and a Blue Yeti USB Microphone for recording sound. Both have been easy to set up. (You need to point the mic straight upwards). I use a stand for my mic and a Smatree Adjustable Clamp to attach the webcam to the top of my computer. It means I can angle the webcam easily.

I have a brilliant pull-up Neewer Green Screen. I use a green screen because I can’t imagine EVER being tidy enough to have one of those perfect stylized backdrops. Instead, I can just pull up the green screen and start recording.

I use Camtasia for editing videos (warning it’s expensive) but I need to be able to record my screen and I find it an impressive blogging tool. There are cheaper options Pinnacle Studio 22 seems popular but I haven’t used it.

Course Creation

If you want to take the leap into creating your own courses you need somewhere to host your courses. You can do this on your own WordPress blog using a membership site but by far the easiest way is to use a service design to make course creation easy.


I use Teachable for all my courses. It’s easy to use and looks professional. I can upload all my videos directly onto Teachable which keeps them safe and secure without using up resources on my own site.

Teachable also has sales page builders, affiliate programs, handles VAT for EU sales, and a whole set of helpful features such as coupon creation.