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There are many different reasons for starting a blog and just as many blogging 101 approaches. It can be a side income, (who doesn’t want to earn an extra $500-$1000 a month), something you do just for fun, or a full-time business.

It’s how you go about blogging that counts. Get it right and your blog will attract thousands of visitors every day. Get it wrong and you can waste hours of your time, failing to make any headway.

Simply Hatch is here to help. To make sure you don’t just start a blog, you start a successful, money-making blog. It could be enough to pay for the holiday you always wanted, give you some extra money in your pocket every month, or even be enough for you to quit your job, work from home or travel around the world – whatever takes your fancy.

It’s all possible with blogging.

How do I know? I started over, building up my blogging business from scratch three years ago. I have a 3 step plan – earn enough to be a full-time pro blogger, downsize to a cozy cottage, travel wherever and whenever I want all paid for by my passive blog income.

Three years in, I’m already making a full-time income and I’m living in my cute little home on the edge of the English Lake District.

I’m not just making money from blogging about blogging! Most of my income comes from my lifestyle blog. Payouts like this one from the ad network Mediavine:

Mediavine income Jan 2022

Now $1,984 may not make huge headlines but it’s real. No tricks or gimmicks. It’s income from a blog that’s just over two years old. I post on this blog sporadically. I once went 3 months without posting on my lifestyle blog and the traffic still grew.

It’s passive income that’s growing all the time and I expect to increase this sum in 2022!

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Why do you want to start a blog?

Some people just start a blog for fun…that’s okay but this site’s not for you. Simply Hatch is about helping people with blogging 101 guides to start a blog and make money. If you want to post for your friends, use a blog to talk about yourself or promote your favorite cause, that’s fine but I can’t help you.

Starting a blog is a serious business. It’s one of the fastest businesses to start, you can run it as a side hustle, but not everyone is successful. You have to be focused on the goal of making money.

Blogging is about solving people’s problems. If you’re not helping your readers answer their questions, why would they read your blog?

Your blog needs to be helpful. It needs to be targeted at the questions your readers or potential readers are asking. You need to write posts that will pop up in search results.

It’s no good thinking “I’ll just write about a topic that interests me, I’m sure my readers will like it”. You need to know your readers are actively searching for a post just like the one you’re writing.

Many bloggers find this hard to get their heads around. They write great posts but no one’s searching for the topics they’re writing about. A blog has to have an audience.

Fulfill a need, solve a problem or provide information. Target your post at your audience. That way you’ll get results.

What does it take to become a full-time blogger?

Making money from blogging isn’t difficult. There I’ve said it. I should have told you I’m a total genius, big myself up and impress you. Well, it’s not true. I just happen to be really stubborn. I’ve kept working away over the years finding out what works and what doesn’t. Taking the knocks and learning from them.

That’s what making money online is really all about. You try things out, test if it works, change things, test again. All along the way slowly building up your online presence.

I’ve come across some really simple sites making a huge amount of money. Granted it’s taken them quite a few years to get to that level, but it’s proof blogging doesn’t have to be difficult.

Using Advertising

I found one site the other day which just has post after post of How-to guides. In this case, it’s mainly “How to decorate a pumpkin” or “How to make Christmas tree decorations”. Really simple posts with a few snaps taken on a smartphone for illustration.

The homepage is just filled with the latest posts. There’s a brief About page and that’s all there is to it. A really simple lifestyle blog aimed at homemakers. Does it make money? Oh yes! This blog has 475,000 pageviews/month. That’s a good income from advertising!

My own lifestyle blog earns a very healthy side income from 125,000+ pageviews/month and I reached this level of traffic in just 18 months.

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