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Writing to your email list

Writing to your Email List (What To Put + Finding Your Style)

Let’s say you’ve successfully coaxed visitors to sign up for your email list. You’ve started your blog, written your first blog posts, created a simple freebie, and added an opt-in form. Now what? Should you actually be writing to your email list? Do you just watch the numbers grow? Block out any nagging thoughts about … Read more

can you make money lifestyle blogging

Can You Make Money With A Lifestyle Blog? The Results Are In!

In the summer of 2019, I started a brand new blog. It was my summer challenge. I wanted to test if you can make money with a lifestyle blog.

At this point, I felt a bit of a fraud. I was teaching people how to blog and make money but all I had to show for my experience was a blog about blogging. It’s a very different experience growing a lifestyle blog.

To pile on the pressure, my aim was to start a lifestyle blog from scratch, in the public eye. I wanted to:

To launch and build a lifestyle blog as quickly as possible. To find out just how long it takes to make your first $500.

I had just 3 months before talking about my experience at the Blogging Mums Conference. Find out how I got on, all about my first sale, and how 12 months later my blog grew to 100,000+ visitors a month.

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how to start an email list

How To Start An Email List (And Why You Need One)

When you’re a blogger knowing how to start an email list is an essential way to create extra income. Your email list can become the lifeblood of your business, driving affiliate and product sales. Nurture it and thrive.

Why? Because it’s your direct contact with your customers. A chance for you to build a relationship over time and essential for most professional blogs. Read on to find out why you need an email list and how to get started.

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Best wordpress hosting

How To Choose The Best WordPress Hosting in 2021 For Bloggers

Choosing hosting for your WordPress blog is a minefield if you don’t know what you’re looking for. When I started this blog, Simply Hatch, I struck lucky with my hosting company. If your hosting is unreliable, you risk losing your income. I learned the hard way. When your blog goes off-line for several days you … Read more

permalinks and WordPress settings for beginner blog

Permalinks And Essential WordPress Settings For Bloggers

Permalinks and WordPress settings tend to be ignored as difficult “techy” stuff by beginner bloggers. (Hands up if you’re one of them). It’s far easier to press ahead with writing your first posts. But ignore this stuff at your peril. Get your settings wrong now and they will come back to bite you! Or at … Read more

blog income report november 2020

Blog Income Report For November 2020: How I Made $2884.16 With A Lifestyle Blog

I’m finally feeling settled in my new home and starting to get to grips with blogging again. I just love that you can dip in and out of blogging without losing income. This is my fifth blog income report for my lifestyle blog. It’s a fraction down on last month but I’ll go into the … Read more

blog income report 2020

Blog Income Report For October 2020: How I Made $3084.19 With A Lifestyle Blog

I’m struggling to believe it’s already mid-November and I’ve just had my best month ever on my lifestyle blog. Why am I in disbelief? Because I’ve barely touched my blog! This is my fourth blog income report for my lifestyle blog, Love Life Be Fit, and this month the income has been completely passive. It’s … Read more

Blog income report lifestyle blog September 2020

Blog Income Report For September 2020: How I Made $2045.28 With A Lifestyle Blog

This is my third blog income report for my lifestyle blog. I thought I’d keep going as the first two were so popular. I know it can be addictive reading income reports when you first start blogging to make money. So many blog incomes are enhanced by spending money on advertising or relate to the … Read more

lifestyle blog income report august 2020

Blog Income Report For August 2020: How I Made $1432.16 With A Lifestyle Blog

Last month I wrote my first blog income report for my lifestyle blog and it’s been really popular. Am I surprised? Not really. I know when I first started blogging I was crazy for these sorts of details. To know the nitty-gritty of how people made money from blogging. Were the big numbers banded around … Read more