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Blog Income Reports For My Lifestyle Blog

I started my blog income reports in July 2020, the first time I started making more than just a few dollars from my lifestyle blog. At the time my blog was just over a year old.

This blog Simply Hatch was already making money but I wanted to show how a lifestyle blog started from scratch could start to make a good income. I kept the blog income reports going until November when they started to seem a little repetitive. There’s enough information in those first reports to encourage would-be bloggers.

These days my lifestyle blog makes around $3000+ every month and it’s still growing. It’s made a huge difference to my life. I love getting up in the morning and having the freedom to plan out my own day. Decide to work or take time out to be with my family and explore the local hills.

Granted it was hard work setting up my lifestyle blog for the first few months and I still have months when I prioritize work, (which I love anyway). Yet in the last year, I’ve had months when I’ve worked very little and I’ve moved house to a beautiful part of the world on the edge of the English Lake District. It’s a lifestyle I used to dream about.

If you’re thinking about starting a lifestyle blog, or any type of blog, I can only advise you to take the plunge. There’s very little to lose. It doesn’t cost much to set up, you’ll definitely learn new skills and provided you give it some time to grow, it’s a good source of income. Find out more in my post:

Blog Income Report For July 2020: How I Made $1156.93 With A Lifestyle Blog

My lifestyle blog is just over one year old and this is my first blog income report. I’ve thought about writing blog income reports before but I just couldn’t see how useful it would be for the blog you’re reading, Simply Hatch, a blog about making money from blogging.

It would give a false impression – the idea that anyone could start a blog about blogging and make a good income. The reality is much harder.

When you’re blogging about blogging, Google takes a long time to trust you and you need to be an ace at SEO to get traffic. There’s teaching courses to produce about blogging, sales funnels and getting to grips with email marketing. It’s a tall order for a beginner blogger.

Compared with creating an income from Simply Hatch, earning money from my lifestyle blog Love Life Be Fit has been a piece of cake.

Latest Blog Income Reports

This is my first blog income report. You can read my other income reports here:

This blog contains affiliate links. This means I receive a commission if you make a purchase through my link, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read my disclaimer for more information.

blog income report lifestyle blog

How I Earned $1156.93 With My Lifestyle Blog

You can read all about my efforts last summer to start a lifestyle blog from scratch. I wanted to test “Can you make money with a lifestyle blog?” and I made a whole $12 in just 41 days.

Hardly impressive, at least not when it comes to making money. Yet I did get a lot of traffic from Pinterest by pumping out several short 300 word posts every day. Traffic like this in my second month of blogging:

boost your pageviews

At the end of the summer I left the blog to fester, just topping up my Tailwind feed for scheduled pins from time to time. I went a whole 3 months without writing any posts.

My Pinterest traffic dipped but my Google organic traffic started growing – substantially!

In January 2020 I started writing posts again. Not a huge number, just four running related posts, all aimed at keywords I’d found on Ubersuggest. These posts were a little longer 1000+ words targeting low volume keywords with an easy difficulty level.

By April one of these posts really started to take off and I suddenly had enough traffic to be accepted by Mediavine.

Blog Income Report For July 2020

I am blown away by Mediavine. These were my views on advertising income before joining Mediavine… “People hate ads, advertising makes it harder to grow your traffic, you don’t make much money from advertising…”

I was so wrong!

Even with my laid back, part-time approach, my lifestyle blog is making good money. It’s gets so much more traffic than this blog about blogging. All it takes is some patience. Blogs need time to grow.

✅ If you’re thinking about starting a blog my How To Start A Blog in 2020 (The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide) will help you start your blog right now. Just think – in a year’s time you could be writing a blog income report just like this one.

Mediavine Income Report

Nearly all my income came from Mediavine. It just keeps going up and up. In May I made $230.70. In June it jumped to $641.86 and now this:

Mediavine income

That’s with traffic of just over 60,000 sessions. My traffic and RPM, (Revenue per thousand sessions), just keep increasing.

NOTE: RPM varies based on a number of factors such as blogging topics, audience location… It’s not a good idea to compare RPM for different blogs.

I know in the grand scheme of things my income isn’t impressive but it’s current and real. The days of easy wins with Pinterest traffic are over. Forget those “I made $3000+ in 3 months” headlines on social media.

My lifestyle blog started growing with Pinterest traffic at a time when established bloggers were giving up and paying for FaceBook ads. Pinterest stopped sending endless traffic to old pins and old posts. Those 20,000 pageviews in my second month of blogging came from lots of new pins and new posts.

Pinterest traffic is fickle and unsustainable – it’s a monster you have to keep feeding. Ranking on Google fits a lot better with my lifestyle. I can write posts when it suits me and know they will slowly grow over time.

Not all will take off but the ones that do will bring me several years of sustained traffic. It’s a slow and steady game but just look at the results. I’m sure for many an extra $1000/month is life changing.

Blog Income Breakdown For July 2020

Gross Income: $1156.93

Mediavine Advertising Income: $1082.11

Affiliate Income: $74.82

Yoga Download: $22.44

Amazon: $52.38

Total Expenses: $130

Hosting WP Engine $85

Get Response $15

Stock Images $30

Net Profit: $1026.93

Hosting Costs For My Lifestyle Blog

Until last month I hosted my lifestyle blog with SiteGround. It was okay but last month I hit their traffic limit for the second time and had to pay out lots more money or change my hosting. I don’t mind paying extra for good hosting but SiteGround’s higher-tier plans are a lot of money for a very average service.

This is one of the reasons I recommend Bluehost for brand new bloggers. It’s so affordable and easy to set up. It’s aimed at beginner bloggers and you can grow your blog to 50,000 to 100,000 monthly pageviews without worrying about changing your hosting plan. I’m hosting my new niche blog on Bluehost.

These are affiliate links. This means I receive a commission if you make a purchase through my link, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read my disclaimer for more information.

Special Offer for Simply Hatch Readers: As I write this post, Bluehost has an offer exclusive to Simply Hatch readers to set up your blog with Bluehost for just $2.95/month including a domain name! This is a 63% saving.

The problem is as your blog gets bigger you need better FASTER hosting. I migrated my blog to WP Engine and I’m loving the improved speed. I’m sure it’s helping my Google rankings. If you’re looking for new hosting WP Engine will migrate your site for FREE. Mine was up and running in a few hours with practically no downtime.

(I don’t recommend WP Engine for brand new bloggers. It helps to have some knowledge of blogging before you use their hosting. You can grow your new blog cheaply and easily on affordable shared hosting such as Bluehost. It’s just that when your blog starts to get BIG you need to rethink your hosting needs. This could be a dedicated server with Bluehost but in my case, I was already using WP Engine for Simply Hatch – it was the obvious choice for my lifestyle blog).

Affiliate Blog Income

I’m starting to put more effort into growing affiliate income with my lifestyle blog and I’m finally making a little money! Hopefully, this will increase for August.

The aim is to go through all my existing posts and add appropriate affiliate links. I’m making more effort to highlight links and make sure there’s an enticing promotion near the top of my popular posts.

Plans For August

Last year I really saw my traffic drop in August so I’m wary of being too optimistic. I’d like to see my traffic and ad income continue to grow and I’m aiming for $1500.

I’m currently editing existing posts – looking for ways to boost my Google rankings for search queries where the posts are sat at Page 2 or 3 on SERPS. Adding related keywords and beefing up text all helps.

It’s time I started making more money from affiliate sales and my recent efforts are being to work. Hopefully, I can double affiliate income for August.

I’ll also need to find time to grow my email list. At the moment my list is practically non-existent for Love Life Be Fit – proof you can make a decent income without email marketing. Looking ahead it makes sense to grow an email list and diversify my income.

Blog Income Report August 2020

Blog Income Report September 2020

Blog Income Report October 2020

Blog Income Report November 2020

Interested in starting your own lifestyle blog? Follow my how to start a lifestyle blog guide and remember I’m here to help! 😍

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  1. hi,
    your screenshot of google analytic is from july 2019 not 2020!
    how much traffic did you get in july 2020 to earn 1156 dollar from mediavine?


    • Hi Aleesa, yes I know – that was my second month of blogging. In July 2020 I got around 69,000 pageviews (60,000+ sessions). Earnings from advertising vary greatly depending on your blog topic, the length of your posts, where your traffic is coming from, session duration etc.


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