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This blog is aimed at non-techie beginners taking their first steps to make money online. It’s simple plain-talking advice showing you how to launch and grow your blog.

Hi, I’m Alison Wright!

Alison Wright

I started Simply Hatch in 2018 to help would-be bloggers start their own blogs and help people make money, pay off their debts and become financially independent.

I have a techy background, (as an engineer), an MBA from Edinburgh Business School and I’ve been dabbling in online businesses since 2006. One business grew to a 7-Figure turnover.

Just over three years ago, I started the lifestyle blog Love Life Be Fit. I wanted to prove it’s still possible, right now, to start and grow a blog that isn’t about blogging.

What happened

Starting a lifestyle blog was a summer challenge to show just how quickly you can start and grow a blog.

It completely failed!

To begin with, I made very little attempt to monetize my blog. I wrote almost 100 posts over a short 3-month period, only made about $50 in total, then left the blog to fester.

A typical new blog!

You really need a lot of patience when you start a new blog. Very few new blogs make a lot of money in their first year.

Gradually my traffic started to grow

Most of the posts on my new lifestyle blog were very short, just 300+ words long, and aimed at traffic from social media. A few were longer 1000+ words and optimized for the search engine Google.

I started making money

After 12 months, Love Life Be Fit reached 50,000+ monthly sessions and started earning money from advertising.

I now make $3000+ every month from my lifestyle blog, money like this:

mediavine may

These are my monthly earnings from the premium ad network Mediavine. I also make money from affiliate sales, mainly from Amazon.

Google updates and changes to the Pinterest Algorithm affect my traffic from month to month but it’s generally between 50,000 to 100,000+ monthly sessions.

It’s my side hustle

It may not be the eye-watering income you’ll see on some blogging sites. This income is real – no advertising and just white hat SEO.

I think of it as my side hustle. Something I spend time on when I’m not teaching you guys how to blog! (Or walking and running in the hills).

I’m not the most dedicated of bloggers. There are people who churn out far more content than me and work harder at promoting their blogs. I keep my lifestyle blog going to show my Simply Hatch readers what’s possible with a medium amount of effort and a little know-how.

Most of my content is free!

This blog is packed with free information to help you launch and grow your blog. You can even download The 12-Month Blog Plan to become a successful full-time blogger for free.

I make money from recommending products. These are all products I use myself to host and monetize the several blogs I now own.

I’m not a believer in selling expensive courses. Most aren’t worth the money. Blogging is about learning by doing. Instead, I have an affordable “Hatch A Blog” ebook, in case you want something to refer to while setting up your blog.

Ready to get started?

This is the best place to start: How To Start A Blog In 2022 (The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide).

Latest testimonials from some of my visitors

When I first started my blog I was totally lost. I had no idea what I was doing. Alison’s eBook ‘Hatch a Blog’ is the beginner’s bible to the world of blogging. The sheer amount of actionable detail is just what any new blogger needs.”

I’m amazed at the thoroughness and genuine care Alison puts into everything.

“Your hatch a blog ebook and 12-month blog plan are always open on my PC so that I can refer to them as I progress on my blog. I find it imperative in aiding me through all the steps. I never realized there would be so much to learn, but your excellent step-by-step guidance makes it extremely simple to follow.”