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The 12 Month Blog Plan Schedule

Become A Successful Full-Time Blogger In 2022!

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I’m A Full Time Blogger.

In the Summer of 2019, I started the lifestyle blog Love Life Be Fit. I wanted to prove it’s still possible, right now, to start and grow a blog that isn’t about blogging.

What happened?

Starting a lifestyle blog was a summer challenge to show just how quickly you can start and grow a blog.

It completely failed!

12 Month Blog Plan

To begin with, I made very little attempt to monetize my blog. I wrote almost 100 posts over a short 3 month period, only made about $50 in total, then left the blog to fester.

A typical new blog!

You really need a lot of patience when you start a new blog. Very few new blogs make a lot of money in their first year.

Gradually my traffic started to grow

Most of the posts on my new lifestyle blog were very short, just 300+ words long, and aimed at traffic from social media. A few were longer 1000+ words and optimized for the search engine Google.

I started making money

After 12 months, Love Life Be Fit reached 50,000+ monthly sessions and started earning money from advertising.

In the short period since launching my lifestyle blog, it’s grown from zero to 100,000+ monthly sessions.

Introducing The FREE 12 Month Blog Plan

Now not everyone wants to blog full time and you can adapt the schedule to your ambition and the time you have available. I just think it’s good to have the option. In this crazy world to have an alternative source of income.

When I launched my brand new lifestyle blog just over 2 years ago, I had my doubts that you could easily make money by just writing posts. Yet a year after starting my blog it was bringing in a steady income just from advertising.

Payouts like this one:

September 2021 MediaVine Earnings

That’s from a blog I only work on now and again. I went a whole 3 months without posting on this blog. It really is passive income.

As I’m finding with my lifestyle blog, you can write a few posts Google loves and your blog starts to take on a life of its own. The traffic starts to snowball and suddenly it feels like very little effort!

Now don’t get the wrong idea from this. Starting a blog takes commitment. There will be times when it’s all too easy to give up. But when it starts to work – wow!

That’s what the planner’s all about. Getting you through those first few months as painlessly as possible. So you can start to make a little money. And then a little more…

A Blog Plan Helps Your Focus On The End Goal

It’s very easy with blogging to end up just writing posts for the sake of it. You decide to post once a week and the night before your post is due you have no idea what to write about.

Instead of writing a post that will bring you traffic, you write about the first topic that pops into your head. Yes, we’ve all done this!

This is where the 12 Month Blog Plan helps. It tells what you need to be doing each month and encourages you to plan your posts for maximum impact.

The FREE 12 Month Blog Plan tells you:

The 12 Month Blog Plan tells you:

  • The exact steps you need to take each month to grow your blog.
  • The secrets to making money from blogging.
  • The types of posts you should be writing and when.
  • How to find traffic and build your list.
  • Using your blog to make money from advertising and affiliate income.
  • How to go about creating and selling your first product..

This plan will help you make a success of your first 12 months of blogging going from no idea to a full-time income.

Here’s an insight into what you’ll be doing over the next 12 months.

Month 1

Month 1 Blog Plan

As you progress through your first year as a newbie blogger, you’ll have different priorities. Your first priority is to set up your self-hosted WordPress blog.

In the beginning, your blog has no content. Planning and writing content is your main priority for month one. It makes sense to delay promoting until you have a reasonable amount of content on your blog.

Month 2 & 3

Month two and three will be heavily about traffic and most of your efforts will be focused on promoting your posts. Without traffic, it’s impossible to make money from blogging.

Month 4 &5

By months four and five you’re ready to start making money. Create freebies to get people signing up for your email list and join affiliate programs. Write review posts and promote products to your list.

Month 6 & 7

Month six and seven will be about refocusing on building traffic. You’ll hustle for more social media traffic and work at SEO to boost your Google page 1 rankings.

Month 8 & 9

It’s now time to produce your first product, spend months eight and nine focused on creation.

Month 10

By month ten you’ll be ready to launch your product to your engaged email list.

Month 11 & 12

Month eleven, sell and promote your product and in month twelve you can review your first year’s progress. Start planning for the year ahead!

12 Month Blog Plan Schedule

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